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  1. can i say " butt hurt bitch"? /QUOTE] nice one rainbow boy
  2. hey silly faggot.. if you could read, i didnt say the same thing twice. the first time i said whiny little then i flipped ithe script up and said little whiny. keep your bullshit online rainblow garbage talk outta here .. and herb.. the fuck outta hereeeeeeeeeeeee . you suuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk whiny bitch. been a rough couple weeks. but things are aight. out on probo. piss testin.. pussy gettin!
  3. be back soon. hit you up fellers when i git there you know who
  4. i wuld defenitly cum splatter that girl in the face wearing that clear mask.
  5. ^^^^ you sound like a whiny little butt hurt bitch the fuck outta here you little whiny butt hurt bitch. bump trideo the triple kickflip 720 double summersault giz wiz nose grind manual ride out tailspinner
  6. WTF!? womp bombing mexico?
  7. yeah, in the same way you spent time drawing a bloody dick on your coffee cup and posting it on your instagram. STFU.
  8. i go away for a few days and come back to some great conversation. the hater dude sounds like a real buster. glad to see the rest of you could kiss and make up
  9. this is getting better and better! some weak lil kid is gonna get his ass whipped over mistaken identity because some dickhead from the internet is clowning some graffiti and boytoy is getting butthurt . hahhahahahah!! at least post up some flicks of said ass whippin!!
  10. yo oreos a van down by a skatepark?! fool i live in an apartment, a duplex with 2 bathrooms, 2!! you are confused as fuck about who i am. one minute you bumpin my shit on here, the next you hatin. stop doing so many drugs and get with the program. the weight loss program and who the fuck is spagnola? sounds like an italian gweedo. more like a mix between spaghetti and ravioli. haaaaaahahahahahahahahah
  11. you gettin sassy with me boytoy?
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