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DEA forget about a college kid and leave him in a cell for 5 days...


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i think it would be funny if he turns out to be one of those "occupy wallstreet" type of cats who were bitching about college being to expensive, and then he gets the money only to have congress tax the shit out of him and he loses it all and has to go back to selling x pills. then he'll get locked up again and repeat the process over and over again like a reoccuring nightmare or someshit.



that should definitely be a twilight episode. i'd watch it, at 4 am if there was nothing else on.

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This is a methhead story if I ever heard one.


Shit like this I just cant believe, how do you forget about someone in a holding cell for days?

Especially when hes banging and yelling and shit..


Then they leave drugs on the cell floor, how the fuck does that happen?>


Shits too weird, if iIwas kid id be way too happy at all the money he might get.

If I got nothing though id probably just shoot up as many DEA fags as I could till they gat's me back.

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Hahah I mean why would I put the blame on law enforcement when they arrested him and he was in their custody while this happened.


Has all of 12oz turned into conservative 40 year olds or is this just a bad week?


I guess its the Chanks fault for getting locked in a cell and being forgotten/neglected for days without anything but meth.

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