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Brandon Marshall got traded, oh wait nevermind.


I thought this was the unofficial nfl thread.



he did say how tight he is with Cutler and how happy he is to be a Bear. then he went into how his personality disorder that has affected his life so deeply... perhaps posturing a defense for hitting that bitch. his wife caught a bottle across the face too.

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I can't wait for NFL season. But I'm glad MLS season has started because basketball is getting fucking boring.


Some random thoughts...


  • Chiefs also picked up Brady Quinn to backup Matt Cassel. I'm not too big on Cassel, although I don't totally hate him, but I haven't seen enough of Quinn to know really anything about him. Still, KC has a good receiving corps and I'd hate to see that go to waste. Plus I think the D is gonna be vicious this year.
  • If Alex Smith goes to Miami, and Peyton Manning doesn't go to SF, the niners will be in trouble. Another solid receiving corps there. And another good D.
  • Manning might choose Tennessee just because it's not far from Indy and there won't be a media blitzkrieg like Favre got in NY. I dunno.
  • Raiders are suffering from that Carson Palmer deal. Their money and draft situation is all sorts of fucked up.
  • RG3 is gonna be a star in DC. Unless of course they suddenly use their vast riches to woo Peyton Manning and draft an OT.
  • Super Mario in Buffalo should be interesting. The Bills looked great coming out of the gate last season and just ran out of steam or something. I'd like to see the Bills, Bears, and Rams all draft WRs.
  • Flacco's starting to look like one of those high upside choke artists sometimes, a la Tony Romo... He's gotta improve his poise this year. Maybe they'll draft O-line to help him out. Then again, they should probably start grooming somebody under Ray Lewis.
  • If the Broncos don't land Manning, I see Tebow starting the season something like 3-6 and getting benched. Their defense is phenomenal, and that's the only reason they can compete. That and the fact that opposing D-coords keep overthinking the situation... you don't need zone blitzes or tampa 2 or whatever, and you especially don't play prevent D when you get a lead, because he'll break off 5 yard chunks all the way down the field. Play regular-ass man defense and he's not going anywhere.
  • The Packers and Patriots both need severe help in the secondary. Either that or a pass rush that will make the CB's job easier. I could see the Pats going DE considering the crappy QBs in their division.
  • The G-Men shut a lot of critics up. Still, they released Brandon Jacobs and Bradshaw isn't an every-down back. There are some free agent bruisers out there, but none of them incredibly flashy... maybe Michael Bush, Tim Hightower, or Mike Tolbert.

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Apparently Manning has picked the Broncos.


Timmy is about to get Tebow'd the fuck out of Denver.

Not much of a suprise, Elway and crew never seemed to like him and frankly the dude isnt cut out to be a QB in the modern league.


49ers better hold onto Smith, and the Titans got snubbed

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I really do wonder what made him go there, I doubt its money as any 3 of those teams would of paid him well.


Im suprised he didnt go to Tenn. to beat up on the colts, but hes probably a little scarred of the Texans as well.


Either way im not really concerned, dude's 36 and is coming off an entire year withouth a game and 3 neck surgeries. if hes still dangerous I wouldnt be suprised, but I dont see him being the scary boogeyman he ever was with the Colts.

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niner fans should look at it this way atleast hell give the Raiders hell next few season..lol.


real talk though..i'd feel bad for that man Tebow..if they just dip on em, i could easily see Tebow put his ego aside and sit on the bench and learn from Manning.. if i was incharge of Denver, i'd try to keep both QB's

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