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The Corporation

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I dont know if you guys have ever heard of this movie but its definitely a must watch. It talks about the evolution of corporations and it kind of reveals what their true nature is.


this is a HIGHLIGHT if you just want to get a hint of what its about


PART 1 of 23

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I work for a corporation and it's great.


I shut up for the most part and do my work and they leave me to my own devices, buy me exquisite lunches and let me leave early and come in late.


I came in 2 years ago, showed them that I knew how to bust my ass, and in that time my pay doubled and I'm on charge of a team of people.


On the same token, mom and pops shops got the same hard work and they fucked me over time and again, and I got a $1.00 raise after 3 long years.


I also get many more perks that I can't speak of on here.


God bless the corporations.


Please continue to destroy the mom and pop shops that couldn't afford to pay me right, give me medical and fired me randomly because they got all poor.


America...FuCk YeAh!!!

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Okay we get it, corporation's are bad...



I heard that by 2000, they'll own the world.


I'll fly away to a safe place in my flying car though.

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