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  1. Steve Jobs on LSD lollllls
  2. check this out, CoD nerds http://youtu.be/cp_ajN7Kqvc
  3. the gifts of christmas, fucktards
  4. from now on, write in english prime
  5. is this real? http://youtu.be/u7yKpvBQhTw nardwuar vs... robert anton wilson http://youtu.be/yRYCJeoplTo snoop (microwaved blunts wtf)
  6. wine and cheese fleshlight
  7. when are people going to realize? Christmas decorations and Santa Claus Fly agarics appear on Christmas cards and New Year cards from around the world as a symbol of good luck.[125] The ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott has suggested that the idea of Santa Claus and tradition of hanging stockings over the fireplace is based centrally upon the fly agaric mushroom itself.[75] With its generally red and white color scheme, he argues that Santa Claus's suit is related to the mushroom. He also draws parallels with flying reindeer: reindeer had been reported to consume the mushroom and prance around in an intoxicated manner afterwards.[126] American ethnopharmacologist Scott Hajicek-Dobberstein, researching possible links between religious myths and the red mushroom, notes, "If Santa Claus had but one eye [like Odin], or if magic urine had been a part of his legend, his connection to the Amanita muscaria would be much easier to believe.".[127]
  8. nah have they done anything else up to par with this
  9. equations are not always perfect Work = Force x Distance Power is the rate of work It takes a horse 1 min to lift 33,000 lbs one foot high. 33,000 ft-lb/min = 1 hp
  10. everyone's got to watch this Human Resources http://youtu.be/9R85eo2rA70
  11. this is an amazing documentary, watch. in depth into mkultra, loads of stuff. Human Resources p1 http://youtu.be/9R85eo2rA70 last part http://youtu.be/Vj8ZRPsBPHE
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