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i have a crush

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heres the deal:

we've known each other for like a year and a half, neither of us have been single at the same time, we always talk shit at school(photo lab), but right before i got untied off this one bitch shes already talking to a couple different guys. shes a dime and a half, and we make each other laugh off the chain, shes pa pretty ill chick, but now due to circumstance, we freinds, which is the gayest position to be in, and i aint havin it for much longer. we've gotten to know each other pretty well, she knows i write, knows about ex bitches, and i know some of her dirt. i would serriously not fuck a single bitch besides her the whole summer if she gave me the chance.

anyways, she got me to download yahoo chat, so i did.





lenfantdeverte1: man.

lenfantdeverte1: you be playing.

lenfantdeverte1: i want to rip my eyes out when I look at you.

crucialdome2000: awwww

lenfantdeverte1: and stomp on them.

crucialdome2000: thats so sweet

crucialdome2000: tell me what else you like about me

lenfantdeverte1: :-&

crucialdome2000: hahahaha

lenfantdeverte1: lol

crucialdome2000: im glad you sad bitch!

crucialdome2000: KEEP CRYIN

lenfantdeverte1: ...

lenfantdeverte1: no nasty, that was me puking

lenfantdeverte1: from looking at your face.

lenfantdeverte1: lol

lenfantdeverte1: :-&

crucialdome2000: WHAHAHAHAHA

lenfantdeverte1: shit

crucialdome2000: thats even funnier

lenfantdeverte1: im gonna smack some sense into you boy.

crucialdome2000: the fuck was that buzz?

lenfantdeverte1: funnier isnt a word

crucialdome2000: smack away gorgous

lenfantdeverte1: nice

crucialdome2000: :-*

lenfantdeverte1: niiiiiiiiiiiccccccccceeeeee

lenfantdeverte1: =;

crucialdome2000: im watching belly

crucialdome2000: best movie EVER

lenfantdeverte1: ~x(

lenfantdeverte1: god

lenfantdeverte1: i want to kill you sometimes

crucialdome2000: say wha

crucialdome2000: no

crucialdome2000: thats love

lenfantdeverte1: So, do you like fat guys with no money?

lenfantdeverte1: hahahahaha

crucialdome2000: i can smoke at my computert

crucialdome2000: can you?

crucialdome2000: didnt think so

crucialdome2000: whore

lenfantdeverte1: lol

lenfantdeverte1: thank god...

lenfantdeverte1: my house dosent stink of cigarettes.

crucialdome2000: i gotta piss

crucialdome2000: brb

crucialdome2000: serriously have you even seen this movie?

crucialdome2000: hype williams is a photographic genius

crucialdome2000: method man is about to get his facial wrecked like whoooooa

crucialdome2000: YO!!!

crucialdome2000: the fuck does this thing do?


this is where i accidentally send a voice recording


lenfantdeverte1: man, what are you doing?

crucialdome2000: i dont know anymore:|

lenfantdeverte1: lol

crucialdome2000: hold up, i gotta show what i did today

lenfantdeverte1: sure

crucialdome2000: shes gonna love it once its printed

crucialdome2000: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y91/NickSenator/Graffiti/IM000857.jpg

lenfantdeverte1: thats sweet!

lenfantdeverte1: suck up

crucialdome2000: yuuup

crucialdome2000: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y91/NickSenator/Graffiti/IM000855.jpg

crucialdome2000: the whole thang

lenfantdeverte1: is that for me??

lenfantdeverte1: becky

crucialdome2000: hahaha

crucialdome2000: yep

lenfantdeverte1: freakin tight!

crucialdome2000: werd

crucialdome2000: my homies was some booty though

crucialdome2000: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y91/NickSenator/Graffiti/********.jpg

crucialdome2000: his shit hahaha

lenfantdeverte1: lol

lenfantdeverte1: sweet

crucialdome2000: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y91/NickSenator/Graffiti/********.jpg

crucialdome2000: him being retarded

crucialdome2000: did i mention im an enviomentalist?

crucialdome2000: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y91/NickSenator/Graffiti/********.jpg

lenfantdeverte1: do you have any better photos of the BECKY part?

crucialdome2000: naw cause my camera ran out of bateries

crucialdome2000: im goin back tomarrow

lenfantdeverte1: shank

lenfantdeverte1: sweet

crucialdome2000: you schould come

lenfantdeverte1: i can't

crucialdome2000: should

lenfantdeverte1: i have french

crucialdome2000: fuck

lenfantdeverte1: and shit

lenfantdeverte1: what time?

crucialdome2000: whenever

crucialdome2000: im chillin]

lenfantdeverte1: ...

lenfantdeverte1: i have anthropology tomorrow at 730

lenfantdeverte1: where is this place?

crucialdome2000: what time could you come?

crucialdome2000: right near ****

lenfantdeverte1: ...

crucialdome2000: bout 4 min away

lenfantdeverte1: maybe after class

lenfantdeverte1: but im not sure

lenfantdeverte1: is it just you?

crucialdome2000: promis?

crucialdome2000: yep

lenfantdeverte1: because kate and I may be able to stop by it

lenfantdeverte1: possibly.

crucialdome2000: and i aint even painting, just pics,

crucialdome2000: that would be ill

lenfantdeverte1: cool

crucialdome2000: you still studying?

lenfantdeverte1: studying men.

lenfantdeverte1: i mean...

lenfantdeverte1: yes

crucialdome2000: freak

crucialdome2000: my dude raced his virus scan today in a drinking contest

crucialdome2000: read

crucialdome2000: http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107251

lenfantdeverte1: wawa what?

crucialdome2000: read it!

crucialdome2000: just the first post

lenfantdeverte1: i did!

crucialdome2000: shit is too funny

crucialdome2000: heres another funny ass one incase you get bored...with video

crucialdome2000: http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107232

lenfantdeverte1: yeah, so funny

crucialdome2000: BITCH!

lenfantdeverte1: have a fist in your face

crucialdome2000: DO IT!

lenfantdeverte1: haha

lenfantdeverte1: you are too nasty

crucialdome2000: hahahaha

lenfantdeverte1: So, do you like fat guys with no money?

crucialdome2000: so thats great news for someone like you, you'll never need a condom again

lenfantdeverte1: wha wha what?

crucialdome2000: lol

lenfantdeverte1: wait! i have to do some grafitti of my own


this is where she opened up the draw thingy(hence the random hahaha's) and we went ape shit with audiables.


lenfantdeverte1: So, do you like fat guys with no money?

lenfantdeverte1: So, do you like fat guys with no money?

crucialdome2000: i catch on fast

crucialdome2000: hahaha thats my favorite!

crucialdome2000: its comin along

lenfantdeverte1: gonna go hit a fag

lenfantdeverte1: be back soon

crucialdome2000: thats not a nice thing to do to your mother

lenfantdeverte1: what?

lenfantdeverte1: nana

lenfantdeverte1: come on now

lenfantdeverte1: let me show you something

crucialdome2000: ok

crucialdome2000: haha


more audiables


crucialdome2000: were these things invented for nerds to try and get pussy?


more drawing


crucialdome2000: hahahaha

crucialdome2000: hey thats cool

crucialdome2000: stop cryin biotch

lenfantdeverte1: help me color it in

crucialdome2000: haha

lenfantdeverte1: how do you like satan, demon and pork?

crucialdome2000: hahaha

crucialdome2000: you have talent if ive ever seen it:-&

lenfantdeverte1: hahahahha

lenfantdeverte1: what EVA!

crucialdome2000: so which guy are you gonna choose,? mr sits on the bushes like a retard, or mr. i look gay as shit but i have cash.

lenfantdeverte1: talk to the hand

lenfantdeverte1: haha

lenfantdeverte1: well im currently talking to mr bush

lenfantdeverte1: and he has drawn me very nice pictures

crucialdome2000: that sounded DIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!

crucialdome2000: bush?

lenfantdeverte1: yes

lenfantdeverte1: retard

crucialdome2000: we all know what bush is

crucialdome2000: and thats what youre talking to ?

lenfantdeverte1: yes

crucialdome2000: hahaha

lenfantdeverte1: omg, its like talking to a mildly retarded ogre.

crucialdome2000: HAHAHAHA

crucialdome2000: whos mr bush?

lenfantdeverte1: duh...

lenfantdeverte1: brij

crucialdome2000: oh yeah....im retarded

crucialdome2000: you have horrible taste in men

crucialdome2000: i gotta hair cut today

crucialdome2000: i look oh so fresh.

lenfantdeverte1: lol

lenfantdeverte1: i feel so sorry for that salonist

crucialdome2000: why?

crucialdome2000: i dont think salonist is word

lenfantdeverte1: because he/she had to deal with you.

crucialdome2000: i was pleasant, and i tip well. fuck you

lenfantdeverte1: eat baby shit.

crucialdome2000: hahaha

crucialdome2000: yo i was walking out of my building today to get the hair cut and niggas were trwoing rocks off the top, me and my boy dipped the fuck out.

crucialdome2000: yo you commin to the photo lab tomarrow?

lenfantdeverte1: not tomorrow

crucialdome2000: dont those dudes get tired of watching you work in the darkroom?

lenfantdeverte1: haha

lenfantdeverte1: i guess not

lenfantdeverte1: would you?

crucialdome2000: hell no i dont.

crucialdome2000: i get tired of them though hahaha

crucialdome2000: they blockin my veiw

crucialdome2000: oh yeah, and stephanie and andrea are possibly the 2 most obnoxious females

crucialdome2000: ever

crucialdome2000: check it:


man why do u hate me so bad? can we talk this shit out?


----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: ******

Date: Apr 26, 2006 1:08 AM


nigga shut the fuck up. just make sure we never cross paths EVER. same goes for your homeboy *****, if i see him i gotta merk him on general principle, friends dont do that shit.


and if my name comes out your mouth about anything, you'll have visitors, and they wont be as nice as me. thats a fucking promiss


fuck you



----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: *******

Date: Apr 25, 2006 9:59 PM


whats the deal dawg, u hate me now? if not let me kno dawg im tryna burn one witchu


crucialdome2000: i am sooo trying to change may ways, dumb punk mother fuckers like this dont make it easy


found madonna audiables


crucialdome2000: yo its madonna!!!

lenfantdeverte1: lol

lenfantdeverte1: dude

lenfantdeverte1: ill give you a call tomorrow

crucialdome2000: cool

crucialdome2000: ima hit sheets shorty, if you still have problems sleeping, i got something for you

crucialdome2000: and im not talking about my penis

crucialdome2000: but i am talking about alcohol

lenfantdeverte1: lol

lenfantdeverte1: yeah ok!

crucialdome2000: yo did your sister let that professor smash her cooch yet? or is he faking, i think hes mo. so yeah....good luck with that one.

crucialdome2000: im out



so whos been in this position?

experience > opinions


i'll post her pic tomarrow

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oh yeah and stop slippin

. make your fucking move or for ever thinakbout what could have been.

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ok so seriously if you are fat

i suggest you loose it

no nigga, that was one of those audiable buttons with the little animations. its hard to explain


know this: they built me out of bricks and liqour

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to elaborate:


the chick on the right is my ex, the chick on the left i had a threesome with, find the old knightbats thread, its all in there




^got game?^

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the only thing 12oz is good for advice wise is medical advice :idea:




but seriously tho.. just pee in her butt already. whats the hold up?

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to elaborate:


the chick on the right is my ex, the chick on the left i had a threesome with, find the old knightbats thread, its all in there




^got game?^

haha i remember that

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no hold up, im just trying to figure out a good way to do this, i am great at running in and getting the cooch, but that could fuck it up and has in the past, im sweatin this shorty, so im trying to actually get with her not just smash. besides if she was that type of chick i wouldn't be having conversations with her and shit.

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oh yeah and page is the teacher who took me under her wing kinda and managed to get this fuck up with a 1.8 gpa and a crimal record to top into an actual art school. she loves graffiti, so there you go. ladies, i do indeed have a softer side. fellas, i will break your teeth out of your fucking dome. ask about me.

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I read about 5 lines of that before determining it was the gayest fucking shit I've ever read in my life...

next to you

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