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"yeah they're from starscape this past week. i love slutty girls on ecstasy telling me that my piece looks like a fish. "


see man, if i would of been there... i wouldnt of had patience for that shit, i would of wrote "RAVERS GET THE BUN" real big then rolled out.

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Yea, good lookin on those starscape flix....




Sooooo, For all of you Drunkards in Baltimore (KOS, BS... Im looking at you...) grab your Highland flavor gear, mesh hats, Karaoke kicks, and some drinking mitts and head on down to This Hole In The Wall Bar Crawl to get wasted and get loud..... Meet at Brewers Hill Pub at the corner of Fleet and Eaton around 830- 900 on Saturday Night.... Here are the map and a sketch of a guy pissing on Old Shanty Town.












Drinking Mitts??

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