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  1. robJ


    I hate to say, But dyer is up more then anybody in baltimore. The kid got scribbles everywhere..
  2. head shot from a 50cal sniper rifle.
  3. The whole 50 cal Geneva convention is a just a urban legend. the 50cal on used in, bradlys, abrams,humvees is the m2a1 belt feed machine gun used for suppression fire. (aka swiss cheesing) Dont quote on this, BUt the Geneva convetion I believe dosen't even covers arms that would be "the hague accords".
  4. 50cal rifle for home protection is pointless 50cal handjam..... vicious Baltimore
  5. :haha: :haha: fuck yeah,, bigger guns, bigger truck, even bigger ding dong.. I told somebody the other day I wanted try out Levitra just to see if it works.
  6. 31 0r 32 i dont know anymore
  7. <!--QuoteBegin-symbols@Dec 29 2005, 01:50 PM one of my homies does this i've been in the car with him, and on a motorcycle with him, when he's done it. it's kind of unbelievable really, to see people's reactions when they suddenly realize that you are completely ok with running into them at full speed. i know he's fucked a few cars up and just rolled out. Quoted post The best was when I took out this fairly new 4door buick on the hwy, I all ready decide to give it to him, so I let him get a few length in front me, So i could go into ramming speeds.. the back of his car just grenaded into a million plastic pieces, I guess they dont make cars the way the used too
  8. psp, coke a cola , heineken beer , Arizona jeans, Miller beer,etc,etc There all guilty of using graffiti as a way to advertise, its sounds to me, sombody is just mad cause there pockets didn't get filled
  9. "god is the answer to things that the unintelligent can't answer"- ugly
  10. Not everybody is metally stable enough to own a firearms. Some us are real quick to put a round in somebody reguardless. I know for a fact, theres a few people on my shit list, that if I catch them at the right place and time, i'm going to turn them into swiss cheese.. But i guess thats why people want to ban guns.
  11. robJ


    yo, dont be going back there with mob of people anymore,, MTS fucking my spots up again? Dont be suprize if you shit dont leave the yard. You know my rules
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