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    I hate to say, But dyer is up more then anybody in baltimore. The kid got scribbles everywhere..
  2. head shot from a 50cal sniper rifle.
  3. The whole 50 cal Geneva convention is a just a urban legend. the 50cal on used in, bradlys, abrams,humvees is the m2a1 belt feed machine gun used for suppression fire. (aka swiss cheesing) Dont quote on this, BUt the Geneva convetion I believe dosen't even covers arms that would be "the hague accords".
  4. 50cal rifle for home protection is pointless 50cal handjam..... vicious Baltimore
  5. :haha: :haha: fuck yeah,, bigger guns, bigger truck, even bigger ding dong.. I told somebody the other day I wanted try out Levitra just to see if it works.
  6. 31 0r 32 i dont know anymore
  7. <!--QuoteBegin-symbols@Dec 29 2005, 01:50 PM one of my homies does this i've been in the car with him, and on a motorcycle with him, when he's done it. it's kind of unbelievable really, to see people's reactions when they suddenly realize that you are completely ok with running into them at full speed. i know he's fucked a few cars up and just rolled out. Quoted post The best was when I took out this fairly new 4door buick on the hwy, I all ready decide to give it to him, so I let him get a few length in front me, So i could go into ramming speeds.. the back of his car just grenaded into a million plastic pieces, I guess they dont make cars the way the used too
  8. psp, coke a cola , heineken beer , Arizona jeans, Miller beer,etc,etc There all guilty of using graffiti as a way to advertise, its sounds to me, sombody is just mad cause there pockets didn't get filled
  9. "god is the answer to things that the unintelligent can't answer"- ugly
  10. Not everybody is metally stable enough to own a firearms. Some us are real quick to put a round in somebody reguardless. I know for a fact, theres a few people on my shit list, that if I catch them at the right place and time, i'm going to turn them into swiss cheese.. But i guess thats why people want to ban guns.
  11. robJ


    yo, dont be going back there with mob of people anymore,, MTS fucking my spots up again? Dont be suprize if you shit dont leave the yard. You know my rules
  12. so i heard ,, theres only about 500 cars and there already has been a few spoted buffed...
  13. If they want to starve to death, let them.
  14. i saw a quick headline on a msnbc clicker, and that was the end of that. Till i came across this link. http://www.infowars.com/articles/ps/gtmo_h...ube_torture.htm Guantanamo hunger strikers say feeding tubes employed as torture AP | October 20 2005 Prisoners on hunger strike at the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reported troops force-fed them with dirty feeding tubes that have been violently inserted and withdrawn as punishment, said declassified notes released Wednesday by defence lawyers. The repeated removal and insertion of the tubes has caused striking prisoners to vomit blood and experience intense pain they have equated with torture, the lawyers reported to a U.S. federal judge after visiting their clients at the base in eastern Cuba. Prisoners said they were taunted by troops who said the treatment was intended to persuade them to end the hunger strike that began Aug. 9, the lawyers wrote in affidavits filed as part of a lawsuit in federal court in Washington seeking greater access to prisoners at the high-security jail for terror suspects. Lt.-Col. Jeremy Martin, a military spokesman for the Guantanamo detention centre, said all detainees in the hunger strike are closely monitored by medical personnel and mistreatment is not tolerated, though he did not know the specific procedures for handling the feeding tubes. "Detainees...are treated humanely," Martin said. "Claims to the contrary are wholly inaccurate and blatantly misrepresent the excellent work being done here by honourable military and civilian professionals." Guantanamo officials have said this latest hunger strike began with 76 detainees protesting against their confinement. Defence lawyers have cited other reasons as well, including complaints about food and water, alleged abuse by guards and interrogators and their desire to either face trial or be released. Yousef al Shehri, 21, of Saudi Arabia, told his lawyers guards removed a nasal feeding tube from one prisoner and reinserted it into another without cleaning it first. "These large tubes...were viewed by the detainees as objects of torture," lawyer Julia Tarver, whose firm represents 10 Saudi detainees, said in an affidavit. "They were forcibly shoved up the detainees' noses and down into their stomachs." At Guantanamo Bay, the U.S. military holds about 500 detainees suspected of terrorist activities. Martin said 25 detainees are on hunger strike, including 22 who are being force-fed. The number participating in the strike reached a high of 131 in mid-September when detainees refused meals to commemorate the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in the United States, Martin said. Most detainees participating in the hunger strike are not confined to hospital beds and are permitted to exercise, take showers, send and receive mail, visit the detainee library and practise their religion, he said. Defence lawyers who have visited the prison in recent weeks said their clients have lost substantial weight, appeared listless and depressed - and have insisted they will maintain the protest until conditions improve or they are released. A judge has not yet ruled on their request for increased access to the detainees and their medical records. Notes of meetings between lawyers and their clients at the detention centr eare classified until they have been reviewed by the military and cleared for release. Joshua Colangelo-Ryan, a lawyer for six men from Bahrain, said one of his clients, Isa al Murbati, has lost about 50 pounds as a result of the hunger strike. "There's nothing in my mind that he intends to stop the hunger strike," said Colangelo-Ryan, who returned from Guantanamo on Monday. Tarver, who returned from the base Oct. 2, said two of her clients were being force-fed and unable to walk. "It's quite a drastic situation," she said. ..................................................... I'm sure theres more on a google search
  15. robJ


    when back to get flicks of the filled-ins we did, I change my mind after seeing the drunk mess I painted..
  16. its alway good to hear bothsides of a story http://www.nsm88.com/articles/toledo-what-...y-happened.html What really happened in Toledo... The Police And The City Double Crossed Us And Started A Riot 10/15/2005 6:11:44 PM Discuss this story in the forum Bill White Commentary -- Toledo Mayor Jack Ford said today that "someone will pay" for the rioting that occurred today in Toledo. Well, I hope someone does pay -- I hope he pays when the voters remove him from office. The rioting that is ongoing in Toledo right now is the direct result of Mayor Ford ordering the Toledo Police to betray us and set us up for a fight. We had approximately 80 NSM members and 60 members of the public who showed up to demonstrate in Toledo. The plan which we had worked out with police had been this (and you can read old press releases on this website to confirm it): We would gather at two locations -- one close to the rally site and one several miles away. We would send an advance security team to the public gathering place to secure it, and we would send another security team to secure the second staging area. Those security teams would arrive early, they would draw out the counter demonstrators, the counter demonstrators would do something stupid, like block a public street, get arrested en masse, and then we would have a peaceful march. We realized there were problems the day before when the Toledo Police changed the parking situation. We had originally planned to enter the parking area through Mulberry. We told the Toledo Police we expected the protesters to march down Stickney. The day before the rally, the Toledo Police told us the protestors would march down Mulberry and that we would have to enter the parking area through Stickney. I told the police that the protestors would almost certainly block Stickney, and that they needed to be ready to have our members enter through Mulberry. They told me they had better intelligence than I did and that things were going to go their way. Well, they did -- they turned into a riot. Our security forces deployed fine. We had twenty four men -- twelve at each location -- early in the morning. The communist demonstration drew about 40 people -- 20 members of the International Socialist Organization and 20 members of the One People's Project and the Northeast Federation Of Anarchist Communists, under the banner of "Anti-Racist Action". The only surprise in the morning is that the police did not deploy a single person to the communist demonstration. We had told them that the communists would begin a roving mob and start attacking people very early in the morning. They didn't want to pay their men the extra overtime, and had not arranged for police officers to deploy until 10 - 11 AM. The ARA showed up around 10:30 AM, but didn't have the numbers to take on our twelve advance guys, so they stared at us for a while, and then were forced across the street by police. They and the ISO were joined by about twelve kids, aged 13-17, wearing red, "the bloods", two other groups of about twelve black kids each, and maybe 50 onlookers, mostly black. Around 10:30 I asked our other position to send me every extra security person they had. I then went to Lt Greg Sekela of the Toledo Police and asked him where he wanted to us to enter the parking lot from. He told me from Stickney. I pointed out to him that there was an angry mob of about 120 people standing on Stickney, and suggested he open up Mulberry. He told me that Stickney would be fine. At this point the police still had control, and I agreed. By 11 AM we had 21 men and women. So far, so good. But by 11:30 there were people I knew who were in town who were not arriving. Then five guys from Toledo came over and said "you know there are a lot of people standing at the barricades who can't get in". I asked Lt Sekela about this. On camera, he told me that the police had decided to seal the whole area and that no one was being let in. I pointed out to him that we had over 40 of our members coming who had not yet arrived, plus members of the public. He said they could park on the street and walk in. I asked him where they should walk in -- and how would they know to walk there? He said they had to walk in Stickney, and that we should tell them. I pointed out that I didn't have communications open with all these people. He told be "too bad, they can go home." Well, what happened is that little groups of our supporters started to gather at the police barricades, as they tried to figure out how to get in. The communists spotted one of those groups, and started running at them. That was the spark that lit the riot. The communists started passing out eggs and rocks to the black juveniles. The black kids started throwing them at the police. The police became overwhelmed and started retreating. The blacks smelled blood, and started running down the streets attacking anyone they could -- one member of the press had his jeep destroyed and I was told was beaten quite badly very early in the rally. At the time the rioting started, we were holding a press conference. We had 33 people who got inside the police lines, but the police decided that 12 of them could not march -- they would have to stay behind in the parking lot. Why, I'm not sure -- the police basically felt that anyone who was not wearing a uniform could not participate in our rally. As we were finishing the press conference and beginning to march the police suddenly threw up a line of officers and started pushing against us, trying to push us back. Our members started pushing back -- these were our security guys and they had been ordered not to be physically moved by anyone. The police announced "you're not marching", but stopped the pushing. There was a brief negotiation, we were told the police had lost control of the situation, and we were told if we did not leave immediately we would all be arrested. We argued, and they started saying "if you don't leave, we're going to be overrun at this position." I said "we're not afraid to stand and fight." Without going blow by blow, the police ordered us again to leave, and since I was under orders to obey the police, I told our men to leave. We regrouped outside the riot zone, held some press conferences, and then I got called away to Columbus to do some interviews from the nearest Satellite uplink. Fox has already said they would rather cover the avian bird flu than the race riots -- i.e., the cancelled. I don't know if I'll be on any other stations. This riot can be blamed on three sets of people: The communists, who came to the area with weapons, handed them out to the blacks, and incited the blacks to riot; The blacks, who engaged in the exact type of racial violence we had gathered to protest; and, The police and the City of Toledo, who double crossed us with the intent of driving down our numbers, who ignored our intelligence, which was much better than theirs, who coordinated, rehearsed and planned the security with us, then changed plans without notice, and who, most importantly, ordered our member to park on the street where the communists and blacks were protesting, refused to open the parking lot up to our members, and started a riot by trapping our members, denying them access to the security we had put in place to protect our members, and forcing them into a situation where it was obvious there would be violent conflict. My understanding is that the rioting in Toledo is continuing. There have been some buildings burned, but they are all commercial buildings. The cowardly and incompetent Toledo police are refusing to enter the riot zone -- because of budget cuts, they don't have enough officers, and the Mayor has ordered them not to suppress the blacks because the election is a few days away and he doesn't want to lose votes. The only people who entered and exited the riot zone safely were the NSM, and neither us nor any member of the public who sided with us has been hurt or arrested in conjunction with the rioting. Radio reports: NSM Radio The Hal Turner Show Home
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