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  1. i agree... you see alot of words on computer stickers but never see their handstyle or throwies or anything but a plastic word on a manufactured sticker. wheres the honing of ones craft? wheres personal touch?
  2. yea whats that say? some good looking stuff on the road ways, too bad this site is dead blocks/drips beef, demo gauz beef is interesting
  3. booooo those are some wack lyrics... you might as well enjoy lyrics like- I PUT MY FINGA IN MY BUTT THEN I SIT AND SPIN I DONT BE SAYIN SHIT BUT I SURELY GET IT IN .... yall got some wack taste in here
  4. well you have poor taste in music and bad decision making skills. stop liking garbage and negitivity and passing untruths in hiphop
  5. that song and its weak vocabulary is pretty wack. and you're rite he looks like a gay pirate. but you love him anyway.. :o :confused: also, a term like "shy" doesnt demand respect. glizzy? come on SON. perpetuating garbage
  6. i wouldnt have said ALL that now. 12oz is gay. tryin to make points is useless.
  7. i must have forgotten that being intelligent was corny.... krs tribe, rakim, big daddy kane, epmd, wu.. all kicked knowledge all are dope. rap acts that just push an extreme life style image isnt cool nor educational to the mindless idiots looking to follow the next fashion trend or say the next cool word. no class or respect. stay ignorant
  8. lil wayne and rick ross are two of the wackest rappers ever. listen to artists that kick knowledge, not that foolish garbage
  9. reposts to get you in the mood theres a vicious mear on wilkins...
  10. i seen that zek sketch before. its good to be able to see it again Banksy vs Robbo film... ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO5P80x-m6k
  11. that shaken is much harder. good to see that flavor
  12. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to TAKEITorSQUEEZEIT again.
  13. dont ask SCUM to do something you havent even tried yet... bump ROME
  14. and a small picture of my shit in a chris rock movie on greenmount
  15. i posted LawBreakers a long time ago bump GWAP
  16. Dak is fresh. always liked his stuff the usual suspects, scum ceda dume
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