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  1. oh dear,,, those are awaits from some other dude. i posted an await done by a girl. but now she'll prolly never write it again. and to misses callabash where ever u are,,, good night.
  2. ^^^ yeah herpacin's new formula is amazing!!!
  3. that await piece is by a girl, her 2nd piece
  4. first time i've seen a monday but hey,,,u can put a whole fuckload for a few years and nobody will see anything... and well im not gonna say it was easier back in the day but when everyone knew everyone and ,,,fuck i mean godamn wall of fame was a fucking writers bench. when u dont talk to anyone ever about how "to get up" your guranteed to be a slow learner or whatever. and fuking 18 helicopters out every night and some shit. Dark Kapitol's got a a buff nowaday's that is much more intense then back in the day. go ahead and let me know otherwise.
  5. i saw some uno one in dc's college park recently
  6. everyone i've met has shown me honor amongst writers and blazed fat l's. soooo i couldn't imagine going over anyone i've met. how do you sleep at night. doesn't it eat away at your soul.
  7. big up TUNE FIRE CAVE BELEV REZIST EON ^^^^motivaters
  8. an for the record i dont wanna go over anybody's shit! and i bet after the dissin fad fades, all the old heads will start comin out. i want dc to flourish with pieces and frankly nobody's really motivated to paint when the shit is just gonna get scribbled on.
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