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  1. the ouiji board is real
  2. 4 different heads i know personally that get dissed have ran into him in the yard..... everytime he asks" are we cool".. fuck some initiation.. we've told him over and over we have no problem with him.. and still.... our shit gets taken out for NO REASON.. just last week.. two of my homeboys that arent in BS.. ran into him and he was like what do u write etc etc.. and he was like oh good.. cause if u were bs i would have to use this.. and showed a spring batton.. THEN later that night.. 3 of my homeboys in BS raninto him.. AGAIN.. and he wasnt about shit.. and wasnt tryin to beef.. SO YOU FUCKIN TELL ME ABOUT SOME INITIATION HOMMIE..
  3. on typer u keep talkin all that shit on bonk thats cool hes got something 4 u and so do i and its more than a fat cock u should not talk all that shit on someone that has more trains then u have walls and also we seen dusk and sek in the yard and they had nothin 2 say 2 him at all so dont run ur lips if u can not back it up no homeboy.. its more like bonk says there aint no problem... then we find out he disses our shit.. period.................... keep up with them bombs.. your fuckin good.. :love2:
  4. man i love bonk... hes so good... hommie.. your gonna need more than that little spring batton
  5. AngelofDeath.. you and LARGE MARGE just fucked up.. ;)
  6. eight. thats KES from nyc on that wall not ker .............. you've go to be kidding
  7. that new soer amer sek myke che gost2
  8. i heard newdeal7 is dondi
  9. yea that shit is cute.... :gaga:
  10. im feelin that PTS especially the S on that arab wall.. the way that shit swirls like that.. um ummmmm.. eighty fo's rollin up..
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