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hallowed - yeh, fist gpk


I only kicked it with fisto a couple times, but from what I gathered he was a damn good guy. He was the first writer I met when I moved to Eugene and he was chill as fuck. My heart goes out to those closer to him than I, hopefullly we can all learn something from this unfortunate incident.


Enjoy all the virgins in heaven, we know you will.


rip fistfuck



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i remember the first time i met this guy he stunk like shit and talked like he was from new yourk. but i became crew with him and he told me a few drunken stories about how he gave some party sluts 5 fingers hence the name "fist fuk" and although i dropped the crew they were still my friends and i would still see rick at partys tripp'n on random people and in his grasp was a bottle and a silver... this guy prolly even smelled like shit when he died but that is why i loved him it hurts when friends pass i havent opened my mouth on 12oz for 2 years and try to stay the fuck off of here... but you know what this was my friend my crew and deep down he had your back no mater what.... rick please can we paint in heven or hell? we will both be in the same place fool so lets do this i will bring my thins you bring those stocks...


i love you....hore:king:

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The first time I met this kid he was talking shit about my guy, so I stepped to him and he stepped to me. I talked shit to him and he talked back. Then later my guy was on the phone and they were talking interstate type shit, I respect that. He was a stand up guy, down for his dirt. My heart goes out to the GPKs and all his friends and family, I know he will be sorelly missed.

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He was a good friend, a down head, a soldier for the crew.

He was one of the first heads to be on GPK that was out of state.

He put down some of the stronger heads, he burned it like is wasn't a thing.

I miss my friend rick.


THe first time I met him, we almost fought.

I told him to stay off the numbers, he didn't like that.

But he showed respect to me.

I showed it back.

one of the last times I saw him was at my Halloween party, he was walking around wearing a FUCK BUSH hat, it was agreat costume.

My father was there, drinking the Jim Beam, we were in line for the bathroom.

Rick walks up swaying to and fro, bumping in front of my father to say whats up to me.

My dad held him back to wait his turn.

Rick didn't like that.

I had to break up the fight, and only when I explained that he was my father, did he calm down.

His face went from enraged to happy to meet my dad.


He was the only person to get away with slapping me in the face.

The only reason he did was cause I had locked my self in the car, drunk as fuck and passed the fuck out.

It didn't wake me up.

I have pictures from that night of GPK orange fill, silver pilot pen out lines going across this girls back.

He loved his friends, delt with his enemies.

He was down.

In the words of Vapore at his RIP prodo,

It's better to burn out then to fade away.

Burn on Fister, Burn on.

Garbage Pail Kids.....

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From the Family



Love King

High Life

Odd Minded




Thank you for everyones personal sentiments, memories

and stories.It has been a Time in life right now these days , and to

be honest with everyone its been interesting times,*sick-.. for awhile now.And for me personally, things have been movin almost timelessly

, between mad stress and intense satisfaction, ever since the day i finnaly Realized that i was naturally chosen with the intention to grasp minds and penetrate with my lifestyle and all its creative Elements.

Bottom line_______R.I.P. to my brother...

Fredrick Philip Gough


He is a true living testament to the times that we exist in today.Honestly.

By nature we were Brothers,and on the behalf of Ricks family I want to say that we cherish the love that you all feel which is a result of this mans life,love,and struggles and dreams. Thank you.


The last time i saw Rick was August 10 2004, I had just paroled after doing a three year bid behind some etch bath. Five days earlier on the 5th which was also Ricks birthday, so all was lovely man im telling you! We went out to the river with his brother and posse. It was

on time! Three years without this shit! Well Enough said. It was a family moment after all this time!!!!! Thats the first kid I ever wrote with!!

We formulated the squad *UPS* "Underworld Painting Squad"!!!

Eugene Oregon , 1994-95.A lots changed, me and this man changed a lot. Together with the rest of our brothers we put together something to truely represent with no question the level where our atmosphere is from

and I love him for that. For helpin me and the rest of our family take

it right Here, Now to this moment where you now rest in peace! where we stand Proud and satisfied ready for the next level where no weak can

compete.Leavin ashes on those very black Horse trails of addiction,and lust and all the stories weve lived for and continue to die for as well.

To everyone out there, were buildin out here in the Northwest and to

all respect in your dreams and struggles.We all live and die for this shit

Take a look and check what your living and dying for yourself. All I

know is that for me and my closest family we just arent playin no more.

This shit is all too Real , cause shit.... we made it this way

and to all our people in the world we love you here in Eugene

at Mr. Gough's estate.





EnoughOneRealism im out signin off from my deceased

brothers computer and house a finnal farewell from *fistoe* on

12 oz.


peace to Gods Promise Keepers and the Loves Kingdom

We keep it High Life at the 45th parrallel , the line that devides.



Yaktoe, dj Jiver,


Rick your not the only one,.... Rest In Peace OrderOne, B-Boy Tyle

Judd Rose, Foze, .......lived and died for our lifestyle....and lives......

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rick i love you and will miss you, where ever your going i know youll still be throwing up GPK-SBS, i miss you, i remember the last time i saw you we did drunkin' karaokie at the rang-dong, i love you man, see you soon untill then stay up......FIST FUCK_GPK




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