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  1. anarky


    my book came back return to sender.. i think i fucked up the address (they couldnt read my handwritting).. email that shit again..so i can just print the email and tape it on. fuckin postoffice piece of shit.. did u ship your book out yet? cus ihave yet to see it.....
  2. anarky


    your weak fool.. where u at? your book aint here yet.. and my book should be to u soon.. im bookless rite now.. and it sucks.. i started page for me an u to collab on in my book.. blues and greens.. lots of blood.. heavy weight champs theme.. its gangster.. by the way.. i did the this piece.. so ull be doing the names piece.. i had to switch it up. -P
  3. anarky


    mile krew biatches....
  4. again? who is this? just pm me with your info an we can trade..
  5. awww. my i <3 ceito page.. awwwwwww
  6. hah i found flicks of my old packs.. anyone wanna trade? lemme kno.. id really like to trade with that cool c character guy... nose, lightswitch guy, the other kid that writes name, and whoever else.. just pm me cus ill prolly never find this thread again.. thanks thanks guys.
  7. i wanna get in the pes5 battle..
  8. ok im going to start doing stickers again.. anyone have an interest in trading? starz.. i need more stickers from you.. id like to trade with the other name if hes even on here. this.. u kno the deal.. just lemme know if u wanna trade.. stars... u still have the picks of my old pack? cus when my puter crashe di lost all my sitcker pics.. thanks mang.
  9. hey if thats the real ghost ris aok hes a fuckin inovator of style.. if its not.. then yea its kinda week to post someone elses shit in here to try to clown people..
  10. this for theft.. fucker.. i hate his coloring..
  11. yeah u an ceito can whore up my thread with me.. it will be fun..
  12. haa haa haa i got dissed in my own thread.. hardfuckin core.
  13. new one for me an i hit up the homie fulr.
  14. this i been hittin ur aim up fool.. your faulty ass 1993 motorola phone must not be aim compatible.. HoLLa at a playah.. i gotta proposition for u.
  15. theres one more for the theft battle still.. so hold your votes. -=) again i hate this. LoL.
  16. i havent drawn for hella long.. but i bought anew bok today and did these 2 in it.. hah.. sheez does anyone on this thread even remember me?
  17. heres my submission for the theft battle.. i wanted to try sumthin dif.. i didnt break any rules did i?
  18. I'm down but you pick the word/rules Quoted post aiight homie since this my 1st one in a few months if its cool wit you let the word be like "theft" thats cool? if u want color do wat ever aint really no rules..try to have it in some time this week? if any of this aint cool let me know...aight Quoted post [/b] you this.. hit me on aim an lemme kno if i can get in this.. HoLLLlLLlaH.
  19. this.. stars.. can i get up in this battle? or is it only a two man thing? i been itchin to get back in here.. but i didnt kno you were back runnin it.. HoLLah. namesrockstar
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