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    Fucking bush, i hate how people say he gave america its balls...fuck that, that bastard is going down.
  2. I just pound it, i drink to get drunk, maybe when im older i'll be about taste but for now, the drinking session is only about pounding and splitting
  3. No one wants to get stabbed, especially over graffiti. You claiming that you'll see anyone who wants to fight, but you pull out knifes?
  4. Re: EVER HEARD OF AN EMAIL? gaws, no one wants to fight some knife pulling kid from the land of no sidewalks, knifes are bitch made, fists aint.
  5. My brithday is in a few days...:king: i still dont know what i want though...
  6. justify the artocities going on in the world right now, graffiti is small compared to other things.
  7. HAHA, all your doin is making me laugh, calling me names wont do much for either of us. Grow up and take a joke
  8. Damn, thats a shame, i remember skating at the wall of death in seattle and he had this little burner on the bank. Rest in peace
  9. Some crazy shit.... Speaking of drunk drivers...my friend and i had climbed up this 5 story scaffelting and there was the elevated freeway, maybe a 10 foot gap between that and the building we were painting. The spot wasnt chill for shit, i painted my shit, then went to the top of the scaffelting to check on the homie. I was inside the building and he was painting when this driver comes down the freeway going the wrong way , braving oncomming traffic, he crosses 3 lanes and rides into the barrier right next to my homie. Literally scrapes his bucket on the on railing, then flips a bitch, comes back the other way, slows down and mugs. five minutes later blue and red sirens come flying down the elevated freeway. We cut out. 10 before climbing up the scaffelting we saw a bum beat up another bum with a golf club, and then he went and did a free base....crazy fucking night.
  10. whats the kid's 12oz screen name?
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