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  1. UNFORTUNATELY MR. MONEY'S FANTASTIC POSTS GOT LOST IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THIS "OMGZ THAT IS NOT GRAFFITI" BICKERING! Geez, if you really hate the guy's shit the best thing you can do is ignore it instead of lighting a fire up under his ass to watch him dance. He still gets attention that way. MONEY MADE A GOOD POST, THANK YOU MONEY!
  2. Actually they're fucking awesome so shut the hell up or ima start some e-beef with you.
  3. http://www.woostercollective.com/2006/01/t...myspacecom.html Late last week CBS 4 in Boston reported that three taggers were arrested on vandalism charges through myspace.com. Alex writes: "it doesn't seem that these guys were trying very hard to conceal themselves i thought you might be interested in how rupert murdoch's latest acquisition is cooperating with the police on busting street artists. sadly, it's hardly surprising.... BTW the video is a bit more informative than the article." Chris writes: "A lot of people have Myspace, and I think this could carry over to Fl
  4. My new years resolution is to quit checking this lame message board. Cops are kinky, they carry handcuffs.
  5. Everyone is too jealous of DVS to say anything nice about them. You hear everyone slamming them pretty hard here as if verbally insulting them makes their work any less dope. Also, I think they get less respect for doing legal stuff and I think we all know that isn't what graffiti is about.
  6. this thread hasn't been good in pages and ages. I'm giving up hope.
  7. Also, screw this guy "Wiping out graffiti is the job of Vic Roberson, who oversees graffiti education and cleanup teams for Seattle Public Utilities."
  8. Yeah check out the article the PI did on them: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/visualart/25...archives08.html There is a slideshow with some more pictures in it (though none of them very quality). It's nice that they took pics but geez make the NW look bad...they should've flicked the GOOD STUFF. PS...third page peeps. I know there is some fucking worthy shit to post!!
  9. I-5 painting is so great people. Keep it the fuck up. Seattle should be the new LA. Freeway bombing is A++++ would do again. There are more us than them.
  10. props to whoever ran out and tagged the median on I-5 up in Shoreline.
  11. bump for bhiver How 'bout some I-5 shit? Fuck this page two shit. And don't get caught.
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