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  1. dork....... look at metal heads.. dark is on there.. and he's established.. paid... that WALL is chill, i painted that with other people just as something dorky... the fr8s arent chill and thats all i really care about.. and you HAVENT been around... nevermind my TEXT mr. vocab.. i dont say anything on here from heart so give it a break pussy... i just think dork is scared to paint fr8s.. scared to take some time to make clean lines... you either paint something nice and small/simple.. or nice and big/complex... not something small and sloppy.. god fuck you faggots.. im just a little toy fag who knows what is going on in your heads before i even talk to you..
  2. you dont know me, what i paint, or where i paint.. youre 100% wrong buddy!
  3. so the tables have turned..... im not that good i know i know.. i just come on here acting like this i dont really think im better, and i didnt post my flicks to show that i think im better... i posted them to show im not stuck in book world.. i dont know who you are bill bored i bet you could rip me to pieces, and i know where i stand.. its one step above most these guys on paper chase.. i got nowhere sitting on this stupid forum, then i met some people.... you look at my shit when i posted on here, and you look at my shit now and youll see a bit of a difference but i still know im not very good.. but now that partiers are comming and reading what im saying im going to stop before my dad reads this and gets on my case about it....
  4. thank you iceman.. and forge you SAID YOUR WACK.. but listen.. you dont mean it.. these kids jock your gayshit, anal beads... so please just shut the fuck up... and quit saying shit trying to be funny it doesnt work.. listen to iceman.. i started out trying to do shit like you too it DOESNT FUCKING WORK SO GIVE IT UP NOW BITCH TITS.... see that ASMA SIMPLE i did with the VIGR on the fr8... yeah listen its SIMPLE.. the letters can BREATHE... and then on the wall its a little different.... but still balenced out one hell of alot better than your shit... ILL KUNG FU KICK YOUR STYLE OFF THIS FORUM BIATCH.. ILL TURN THIS MOTHER FUCKER INTO THE ASMAROCK ONERSKI SKIS KIS SKI THREAD.. YOU TOY AS FUCK BITCH...
  5. hell yeah nigga you know i love you.. im an asshole thats what i do.. i paint, eat junk food.. and talk shit to these fagtron oners on this stupid forum... ill battle him in real life... my fr8s are cleaner than his bullshit legal walls.. man you guys dont know who/what to jock.. FUCK.. you guys are going nowhere.. i AM a writer.. man FUCK your bullshit style.. learn a thing or two about BALENCE... about PROPORTIONS... ABOUT COLOR.. oh yeah... http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00355907f00000142.jpg'> man its so cool when you steal dork's R's... your outline is the same color as your filling, just a different shade, your stupid as fuck 3D isnt even done right and FADES FROM ONE COLOR TO ANOTHER HALFWAY THROUGH...also how your F and O are smaller than any other letter... and your R cuts way too much into your G and man that E is just the wackest thing ive ever seen.. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00355907f00000143.jpg'> hmm, well.. nice F you pussy.. your R is another trendy bite, everyone has done that 5 or 6 thousand times before.. it, once again, cuts into your G too much, and your G cuts into your stupid dickfaced E again.. LISTEN HERE BITCH THESE FAGROCK ONERS ON THIS STUPID THREAD MIGHT JOCK YOU BUT YOU ARE ONE OF THE SSTUPIDEST FUCKING KIDS ON HERE.. YOUR MENTALITY IS SO OFF FOR YOUR STYLE.. YOU SHOULD GO BACK TO JOCKING ART CRIME WILDSTYLES AND DRAWING PAINT CANS WITH FATCAPS ON THE TOP OF THEM WITH SOME STUPID ASS LIGHTENING BOLTS SAYING 'GRAFF IS ART'... holy hell youre a bag of rotten red cock juice *edit... fixed the pictures. *edit #2.... i also noticed how cool you are by doing your stupid 3D over your letters.. STUPID BOY.. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!
  6. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v106/howdybillybobjoe/fist.jpg'>
  7. damn that E is almost not 5 times as big as that F.. also... are you a treky?? your O looks like that startrek symbol... shut up and quit while youre behind faggot toy bitch ill kill you and your family.,.. oner..
  8. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v106/howdybillybobjoe/asma.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v106/howdybillybobjoe/AsmaandVigr1.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v106/howdybillybobjoe/Asma3.jpg'> im a pussy but i paint you faggot toys ill kill you.. bookwork sticker jock fagtron oner :) bahahaha TOY ONER TOY ONER TOY ONERSKIROCKSKISKISKI ROK BAHAHA
  11. wow dorks image host hates his flicks just as much as most the people in here.. right on!! DOWN WITH DORK, DOWN WITH DORK!! you fucking sloppy poser.
  12. laybeuh


    not to get them on his dick.. so he can see what real graffiti is, not this black book bullshit.. i use to talk to him online a lot i dunno what happend he was alright but i dunno man i ws stuck on paper chase too then i met some real writers and everything turned around.. my whole perspective has changed.. i dont even know why im on paper chase right now or why i said that earlier.. i guess its part of me comming back to where everyone first started talking shit about me.. now i have people hating me in their yards... its quite a bit different..
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