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  1. who were some original writers from the westcoast like late 70's early 80's is that when the scene was born?:confused:
  2. leprosy click<------------:D
  3. truetrue..bump 2 metalmouth..keepin us posted
  4. bad attitudes are a plus... if the scene is fallin off then i guess the best need to step out and run some game..teach the youngsters allmighty graf idols..please help:lol:
  5. no shit....Bush is a motherfuckin idiot...hail to the theif...if reelected we are doomed to get fuck 4 more years then the rest of the world will join the other half who already hates us....bomb walls not iraq....use the war machine money to help any of the countless masses inside of america who need it...buck fush:mad:
  6. who makes the rules which define style? do you? obviously this fool is going to do his thing..ive seen him up in the sco... definitely creative and original in this graf game filled with robots and sheep who follow...propers to neckface:jpotato:
  7. if you always ride the same line watch for undercovers who appear after youve been doing damage for awhile..believe it or not the dum fuck driver may not see you bomb but he knows its not the fucking senior citizens you ride with...whats super cool is to use the ad space to put up your own ad...if it looks real good it goes unnoticed sometimes... also bleach pens on seats...the craziest fucks ive come across are the bums who ride the bus 247 cuz its a good spot to sleep..buy him a beer and you can tag a bums gear..:idea:
  8. pay some transient to bang her dude..or maybe send her to a priest,shell learn real quick...maybe turn her out and pimp her :idea:
  9. ralphy.sj


    these fools are rapists...fucking shit up...i like
  10. were pyschedelics used in the making of any of this.....:confused: props...h8rs keep ur lips shut:crazy:
  11. what has buket done for you lately?:lol: mosthated
  12. if you want to bump beak then have the balls to claim your own shit
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