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Everything posted by DANGERZONE

  1. is this the imc thread now????? dammn seattle is lame
  2. y are u all makin a big deal out of this?? everyone gets there ass beat at some point in time not only that but pores is a skinny ass vegan yall actin like u accomplished something big
  3. lilzane is who u all wish u could meet its funny as hell how we get under your skin BIG TIME MAFIAAA
  4. can we stop jockin them and move on to somethin else??
  5. r u just upset that theres no more fierce to post??:D :D
  6. like u said u havent painted in months SO DONT TALK fck is smashin shit so i give em dap anyways FO SHO
  7. how u gonna call pores out when ur not even up yourself:confused:
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