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  1. yo scum nice fliks i greatly appritiate the fliks great memories. hit me up through dowmagik if u want!!
  2. yo dow at least get a free con. with a lawyer to see if they may have conned u into a search. its worth a shot cuz if they did all the things they found would b thrown out in court. and by the sound of it they did. fuck that witness!!!!:lol:
  3. ruined what? i couldnt have these cats thinking i was bluffing. --dow on lunr's 'puter
  4. hey dow your aim was alittle off today with the shotty must b the rossi :nut: :nut:
  5. been there once was gonna paint their last dec. but got locked up in TJ. its a shame thats its gone....:(
  6. cold oregon benching halloween worm/rbox gene tag on top of it buket sigh dicer/?/hopper dicer/naturl naturl/? gouls navy8/streak :eek:
  7. lunr

    Spotted 47

    caught rollin today: smyl vapor/? sp flat beg? jim hollow ?/worm lewis jabs :confused: damn forgot the others
  8. lunr

    Spotted 47

    spoted today at the main yard: spek/avis? farm rags hollow enuf erupto anger :D
  9. lunr

    numbers for 2002...

    around 20 for it being cold and rainy its an ok start
  10. lunr

    Spotted 47

    in oregon today: learn/prayer? fgs mets emer/thief underwater e2e diar mentos/?/?e2e hopper amps/smyl virus/cameo theroy e2e hopper kick msk ?/dreos :idea:
  11. jero dope fills and supa clean that picture on the 911 piece dosnt show the detail very good
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