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  1. word yo dog drop me an email and i'll give you my cell phone number. Mero_Ten_Eleven@hotmail.com
  2. Virginia Slims It's pretty obvious this nigga is a midwestern jock with no knowledge of the city, and if he's from NY this nigga is repping binghamton or some shit. Damn son, go sweat Noel and buy some triple five soul shirts and try to fulfill your dream of being "down". Stop jocking me cuz its no wins with Mero my lil son, I'm gonna let you know that off top. and you've gotta be some oblivious jock if you think me or my crews are "non descript" Go swallow babies before you get verbally smacked in the mouth again like the little ho you are. You're straight garbage, I'm mad you really think you can fuck with me, thats the funniest shit, matterfact, I DARE you to tell me what you write, and I'll bring in 3 flicks by the end of the week of your shit, stomped the fuck out. I'm stepping to you pussy. It's official...And I know exactly what this faggot is gonna do, he's gonna be like "I write Skuf" or some shit. Damn kid, go get lynched, thats the only way you could ever hang toy. You've been branded. MERO KILLS TOYS JOCK. MLB HAR INC
  3. Re: lossssseeeeerrrrrrr YEAH DUDE GNARLY!! IM A WINNER DUDE TOTALLY!! AWESOME DUDE!! Nigga please. You really think it matters to me whether or not i impress you? I'm from the Bronx and niggaz in the Bronx know who I am, and im chillin, My birthday didnt start until way past midnight nigga, cuz thats how we do shit around my way, I'm sorry I don't do shit like your corny whitebread ass where mommy brings out the icecream cake and you blow out the candles and wish for a new credit card so you can buy paint from Home Depot, you's a herb, I bombed Southern Blvd last night,got drunk got lifted and got pussy, what were you up to? damn kid the weight of the world is on my dick now cuz of this nigga lol. Somebody put this newjack on. What do you write if i may ask? Or do you "do so much damage you dont wanna blow your spot up to vandal squad" :rolleyes: Throw a saddle on my dick if your gonna ride it so hard lil son. Don't worry about how much time I spend online cuz when I'm not online I'm doing my thing faggot, I put in work so stop dickriding and go trace a Saber piece out of your new Scribble mag you pussy. In the words of Spek btc (rip) "Dont get ya legs broke cornball" You may have never heard of me, cuz im not a fame whore, but compared to you, im kinging shit, cuz the only tags you drop are white on a little gray background and have an address bar on top. cut, pussy. MERO ONES NIGGA HEADS AINT READY:king:
  4. call me on me celly Had to bless the spot, say wuttup to my nigga traser. Son if I was motivated I'd ball in college too, my cross is bananas kid. I got hops like an international pancake house. holla atcha boy Stupid Lttle Boy on AIM, get at me. MERO DOGS DRINKIN SMOKIN STRAIGHT EAST COASTIN MLB FDB INC TST SNM LA MOB
  5. yeah son old school new school need to learn though... ...I burn baby burn like disco inferno. The fucking hotornot threads were the jumpoff, the black and hot green format the site used to have. when Pae KD came online and replied in one of my posts how he was "king of the 4 line" I proceeded to clown him I believe. When i had mad drama with seeking. The "12oz rumble" and shit. Yo that old post in Trainspotting where some dude found a dead body in a train yard? THAT shit was old school nigga. remember Kese? Yeah son, thats oldschool. When i said seeking was sweating himself like "he was running on a treadmill next to the furnace in hell" or some shit. How i RIPPED edmo with my altered flick. How that toy nigga paste? or some shit "battled" me when i was in bomb mode and he actually got jocked. When I did throwies for a bunch of heads. Theres more but im twisted. holla MERODOGSSSS MLB CLICK2k2> SNMOBB INCTST
  6. yeah kid people posting as other people especially as Rem311, niggaz used to stay clowning ya man. memorieeeeesssss. KORN IS A SNITCH!!! lol JUELS BEAT UP FORE AND THREW HIM OFF A ROOF!!!! MERO ONES MLB 2002 OUT HOLLA
  7. deadass shit was funny. some of my alltime faves "TEASE SMACKED PERP AND PERP RAN WITH HIS FACE BURNING" "BAAL HAS AIDS" "YO SET SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUR MOTHER SELLS LOOSIES AT THE CORNER STORE" And the picture of RD asking JUST to borrow money to "buy some crillz" goddamn that shit was funny. "YO JUKE DONT GET YOUR LEGS BROKE" damn that page was thugged out "I HOPE YOU NIGGAZ DONT GOT MERO THINKING HE BRAVEHEART" ahhh those were the days. "TKID SMACKED THE JHERI CURLS OFF MIN" "NAISHA IS FAT" "COPE RATTED ON <insert tag here>" "REMO GOT BEAT UP BY TATS CRU" yeah nigga, nyc beef and drama in its purest form MEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS MLB CLIKKK LA SNM TST INC DIE HAR YP SAD DTB
  8. /serious/ yeah word kid i was MIA for a while. But I'm back full force so believe im gonna hold shit down like it says "moderator" by my name. fruck that. PS. all you niggaz must respect Smart's gangsta. merojuana and hennessy MERODOGGSS MLB INC TST* SNMOBB LA
  9. damn kid. I just hate all the wack Mero biters out this bitch. I am the original young G on this board you can ask anyone. Please believe it, It's also my birthday and I got the hennessy. Some nigga said "TKID SLAPPED COPES DEAD BABY" read back to that post, son thats classic tagpage right there. Holla. I should be a moderator by now yo on some real shit. Im mad i didnt get buns on my birthday, but its all good, ITS HOT LIKE A MUHFUCKA IN HERE...POP THAT WATA!! FUH SHIZZLE!!and all my uncles were at some point in the pen, I'm too pretty for jail though, I live live on the street niggaaaaaa 3rd rail status. pitchin rocks like palestinians on hannukah. FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD MERO RUNS SHIT SONS. MISS VENOMISS MLBOO SENSERMEPHMOSSSSSS
  10. SUBWAY STATIONS GETTING KILLED you want hot flicks? check how MERO & NOA1..MLB YP HAR MOBB smashed the 1 train station at 191st. Yo i just finished my 3rd blunt and second forty. Im going to bed, my wife is the illest. MLBEASTIN THE MURDEROUS I N C MERODOGSSSSSSSS VENOMISSSSSSSSSS MLB HAR INC YPIMPS THE STREET TEAM.....
  11. jeah recognize, im bringin back my old punch lines im like three years ago son, i got 3 nines so dont test mine mero spit explosive like land mines got your bitch makin noise like wind chimes in chicago, the windy city, dog your flow is shitty like my sons diapers, mine so fluid you got turn on the wipers organize shit like NYPIRG, you get rocked like Iceberg jeans, mero pitch to the fiends, its like that cuz we MLBeams, i told you we spit that gangsta shit, stayin closer to your girls pussy than her asshole is. please believe this, we leave niggaz holy and steamin like a priest in a sauna, niggas dont want it with merojuana MERODOGSSS MLBTKILLAS IM A WRITER NOT A RAPPER MOSER MEPH SENSE INC HARSADDICTS:king: yo my girl is the jumpoff MEROVNMSS.
  12. yo kid. MEROKWON THE CHEFFF. Yo, the raekwon shit had me straight dying for a hot 5 minutes. AY YO AY YO MLBTK FA LIIIIIIIIIFE! talking to me on AIM is like smoking a blunt through your nose. Remember what Jon156 said in the cope video? "You can feeeeel the bronx" yeah nigga get at me Stupid Lttle Boy is the handle...dunny. MLB BTK MERO DOGS EXPLOSIVE CACK BX FINGER JAB
  13. niggaz know man I keep it udd gangsta son, you crazy kid, i tear my chick thongs off like Im hulk hogan playa, recognize, I gotta buy homegirl Diesel drawzz like weekly. Y'all niggaz ain't up on givin your girl a pusswedgie when she's slurpin the work. Then I beat it up and do it nastier than an Akinyele song. I GIVE BACKSHOTS YO CUZ IM A BACKSHOT PRO GIVE BACKSHOTS TO GIRLS WHO GOT CORNROWS SO WHEN I PULL ON THEY HAIR I MAKE BRAIDS TOUCH THEY ASS LKE LIL MO...YO. MERO ROCKS BTK MLB PREZ FA LIFE BRONX BOYS BOMBIN HARSADINCULTSS
  14. gangsta man yo man i been on some busy shit kid. keep ya head up I'll be around and shit, but right now im on some bin laden shit, nahmean, keepin it movin. MONSTER CUT TRUCKS!!! M E R :king: MLBTKILLAS DBLOCK TO LA CEET OHSHIT HAR SAD INCULT
  15. Yo kid im like dumb sporadic on this shit. Im bored like a muthafucka kid, yo enso whats good get at me im trying to float you some flick of the crew for that mag. I WANT THAT! I NEED THAT! SPECIAL DELIVERY! SUMMUMBITCHESSSS! MISTA MERO VNMS IS MY BITCH FA LIIIIIFE http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/teetee/teetee.jpg'> MERODOGS YA HIGHNESS! MLBTKILLASSSS HAR INC SAD ONE LOVE TO SENSER AND MOS
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