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  1. CHERRRRRRRRRRR! Get you some ninja face pussy!
  2. For the record dolphins are not gay. They are the only species besides humans in which the males frequentlly gang rape the females, I saw the footage in marine biology. The San Jose public school system must have failed all you Joe Writers. "Keyd sucks blah blah" we can all see the flicks in this thread.... nobody is fooling anyone.
  3. yes im calling him a dolphin.... exactlly
  4. Dope ass Keyd. The way he turn the styles over, you should call him flipper.
  5. R.I.P. The first time I met this kid he was talking shit about my guy, so I stepped to him and he stepped to me. I talked shit to him and he talked back. Then later my guy was on the phone and they were talking interstate type shit, I respect that. He was a stand up guy, down for his dirt. My heart goes out to the GPKs and all his friends and family, I know he will be sorelly missed.
  6. Hummm when you do coke you cant sleep....in the street or elsewhere....
  7. English people are FUCKING WANKERS.. and that is that, who gives a shit who was what is who.... i cant be asked... and NO, Im not taking the piss
  8. Re: madison Deak what are you doing? The Northwest is Oregon and Washington, not Wisconsin. You live in the Midwest, and though Madison is northwest of Chicago, it is not considered "Northwestern". and by the way this the first time in about a year I've posted anything relating to you, although everytime you get made fun of you claim it was me...you just cant help but make yourself look stupid on this site.
  9. that chick Maul was up for a minute... then she had to make public appologies....
  10. The thing about this thread is that ..... BUMP
  11. Word up ive lived in London for about 2 weeks and ive seen ATG plenty.... they have Camden town on lock for sure... does anyone have that dope ass roof from Camden High st.??
  12. Sam Rothstein


    That would be much appreciated... Hey RIP, I posted again, are you mad? Proven wrong over and over again huh, its actually only been one topic that we are discussing and I havent been "proven wrong" just yet. I bet you keep it "realer" than Tupac... and has fake ass gangster life style.
  13. Sam Rothstein


    Dude I dont think you are talking about modifying it to "accept high cap mags" in the way that I mean. I'm talking about when you have fired all the rounds in the magazine, youe can press a button, the empty mag will come out and you can load a new one right in, thats what I was talking about. you can put a high capacity magazine on the SKS but it is stuck on there permanantlly until you take the whole thing apart. AKs or SAR-1s as we were talking about, the mags are interchangable, you can change pull out the empty one and slap in a new one. Is that what you were talking about? The SKS could do that too but it would take alot of machining. I know you could have an SKS with a hi-cap magazine, I helped my old painting teacher put a 30rd on his SKS. oh and RIP if your "apperently you dont" was refering to my quote, I guess you are right for once and it should read, "All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend and some guns" but that wouldnt have been a Tupac quote... and we all know how cool Tupac quotes are to the graffers.
  14. Sam Rothstein


    Ok check your sources there buddy... that WAS the FIRST time I stupidlly ran my mouth, and I AM actually quite knowledgable on the subject.... http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00359703f00000001.jpg'> all I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend...
  15. Sam Rothstein


    To properlly modify an SKS to accept detachable MAGS is a very involved process requiring tools that most likelly only a proffesional would own. You can't just break apart the trigger. Have you done that to an SKS? If you have and i'm wrong can you post pictures? If you are going to modify an SKS to take detachable mags most gun dealers will tell you not to even bother and buy one thats already been modified from a company that does them. I've asked around and always gotten the same answer. I then I thought, "Why do I even care? An SKS is not as good as an AK and going through all that bullshit would not be worth the money you save."
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