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THE HAWAII THREAD(paper version)


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Markers for sale yall!!!


"12 pack prisma colors" store price:$35.64

My price: $20.00

"6 pack uni paint pen set" store price: $15.97

My price: $5.00

the moneys going towards a good cause! keeping hawaiis freeways ever entertaning and killed!

hit up tonk for details.

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Originally posted by whats hapnin

hahahaha what u think about that sein faint?





you talk alot of shit hapn goat.. i dont see you up and about doing bombs and shit.. sein would burn you anyday.. so shut the fcuk up





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wow thanks whats hapenin...me and faint are doing a canvis together and he did say we should do the same styles so... i talke that as a compliment...


yea yea dawg..! but when we bust that shytt.. use less colors! haha nah jus ummm... u said blues rite..? use that drawing, but one or 2 colors only, and ummmm shiet... this shytt takes too long to type on fuck this.. ill get at u on the fone or on aim haha

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