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THE HAWAII THREAD(paper version)


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liahona(done for a friend)


urn. the "n" is covered by the character. forgot I didnt have room





sorry about the quality. it's a webcam. thats all i have to work with

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okei, so hows this shyt.. i leave my bag with my gurl an go to the fish store to rack sum streakerz an watnot.. i come bak, and she's got a sheet of paper with all her friends names that she automatically assumed that i would draw the names for, along with the colors that they wanted me to use for them... wtf kinda shyt is that..!?


but i only drew one b4 i gave up! hahahahaha :lol: :lol:

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aaannd then these r.... jus sum old drawings from time to time that i dug up jus now..








my gurls name... agAIN.. dammit!!!

(^^^all pen-piecez.. except for that ooOOOolld, blue meika^^^(i cant draw with a pencil :D )

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Originally posted by ANEL*PS

haha! thats some shit. had that happend to me too. except i dont have a girl :(


but man i get irritated at that jackspot cause theres cops looking all over with binoculars just by the park

how do u normally try to get ur shyt..? under that fenced doorway thing in the bak?, or on u..?

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