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  1. TaunTaun


    im supried theres so many familiar faces and crews in japan, dope shit
  2. im liking them el toro canvases, funny coincidence i was just looking at some site with a whole bunch of el toro street hits. big ups.
  3. yea....dam i never did think of that....ARKE HP used to kill shit with another name about this time last year, the stuff was okay in my eyes but im sure some other mustve been like "what the??" we all had an era like that.then for about a year he fell of and didnt really do much except on paper and i think his yard. i guess the practicing has paid off,i know i personally cant help but be proud when i see him paint im sure sein feels the same and when i think about it , thats good he practiced out of the publics eye where it did no harm or blew spots. i think more people should be like that. ups ARKE HP DMK
  4. yea i like that shit too! once i bought 8 cans of it for 4 bucks at this garage sale. back in my buying days, now im too poor:o . havent seen that stuff in stores in a while, or maybe i just wasnt looking but yea, i like that shit, cheap but fills good. like glossy "decoloron"...like that shit too.
  5. any got pics of that guys stuff? EVES, i see his handstyles all over aiea and waipahu they look preety sick too, i have yet to see a bomb or burner however.:o , whats his history?
  6. oldschool!?!..................
  7. SLOEhttp://img24.photobucket.com/albums/v71/tonkdiddy/000_0005.jpg'> http://img24.photobucket.com/albums/v71/tonkdiddy/000_0004.jpg'>
  8. feeling the music:lol: . would definately like to see anything from katch. check this out..........im guesing this is preety old. http://img24.photobucket.com/albums/v71/tonkdiddy/000_0003.jpg'>
  9. hit me up tred, i gotta ask you something man.
  10. as far as im concerned its legal!
  11. Theres a no fat chicks tag near my house, never knew the people that wrote it were actually writers. by the way, that quest with the happy birthday on it, where is that located, or where was it located? in aiea?
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