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  1. ohhh my god..........what the fuck........?.....what......THE FUCK!?! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!?!?!?! hahahahahahahaah..........oh my fucking goodness....... so funny yet so fucking horribile its hard to laugh at.......................
  2. TaunTaun


    im supried theres so many familiar faces and crews in japan, dope shit
  3. im liking them el toro canvases, funny coincidence i was just looking at some site with a whole bunch of el toro street hits. big ups.
  4. i gave sein you book like almost 2 weeks ago.
  5. man arke, sein didnt get that book to you yet? i hit the shit out of it for you, not no big ass tags that take up a whole page either. and you faint i finished that canvas man how am i gunna get it to you?
  6. hoo fuck this, making me feel like quiting allready, all them pics just too fuckin sick for me. nah shity, fucken so shity.
  7. hooo arke! big man on campus ah u fuhkuh, looking good homie, keep um coming.
  8. forgive me if im wrong, but a couple of thems look like some photoshop action, if u catch my drift. the red brick wall espically. if im wrong however, dam those gotta be the cleanest shits ive ever seen. either way props though, that shits sickening.
  9. haha! fucking wiping item, i remember that shit!, haha yea man pass me ur book ill rock it.
  10. does it say joseph by any chance, or maybe donovan? who is this sterkaviech? ata rah ta sha esssh!
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