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For years, researchers have puzzled over the many "coincidences" that link martyred Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy: Both elected in a year ending 60, both assassinated with a gunshot to the head on a Friday; both succeeded by Southerners named Johnson, etc. And now, experts are beginning to take note of the same sorts of connections between President George W. Bush and radio shock jock Howard Stern!



Below are some odd links between Bush and Stern:


FACT: The names George W. Bush and Howard Stern both have exactly 11 letters.


FACT: The word "bush" is slang for female private parts. Stern's autobiography was titled Private Parts.


FACT: Both men have daughters, but no sons.


FACT: Howard's sidekick is Robin Quivers. Robin is the name of Batman's sidekick. And the Boy Wonder's real name is Dick -- just like Bush's sidekick, Vice President Dick Cheney!


FACT: Major turning points in their lives came at the same time. During the campaign last year, Bush told reporters he hadn't used illegal drugs "in the past 25 years." That makes his first drug-free year 1976 . . . the same year Stern graduated from college!


FACT: Bush is the leader of the greatest nation on Earth, making him the equivalent of a king. Howard Stern's nickname is "The King of All Media."


FACT: Stern created an alter ego named Fartman, whose superpowers come from passing gas. A chief cause of breaking wind is baked beans -- and one of the most popular brands of beans now on the market is, you guessed it, called Bush's.


FACT: Bush generated considerable controversy when he said his favorite political philosopher was Jesus. Stern generated considerable controversy when he had the Jesus Twins on the air.


FACT: Both have top aides named John. Bush has Attorney General John Ashcroft. Stern has stammering celebrity interviewer "Stuttering John" Melendez.

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