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  1. binaryheresy

    graffiti that is interesting

    yeah a lot of this is great... but why haven't i seen any plus.tits crew? that guy has some interesting stuff... perfect symmetry.
  2. binaryheresy

    Scribble Jam 2003 - The photo thread

    you people need to learn how to read what is written on the walls. so far, that bashers prod is looking good. when and the other cincy kids, too. can't wait to see all the flicks in one place.
  3. binaryheresy

    Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

    coral anyone know what year krylon coral was a "new" color? joewelcome; this is more directed toward you. but yeah... thanks for any info...
  4. binaryheresy


    .......domo ar-re gato mr. roboto.... for saving me just when i needed you!...
  5. binaryheresy

    The future's so bright....

    i don't usually come back to threads like this, but mind you i have been writing for damn near four years now, and been photographing for the same. i don't care if you use my digi flicks, but just give me props. whatever. i smell beef flying at me for this.
  6. binaryheresy

    The future's so bright....

    dont steal pictures asshole. like that lead wholecar flick that i took...
  7. binaryheresy

    a bunch of trains. part 7

    it isn't scar. it is sudo.
  8. binaryheresy

    ramble on rose

    ok, nice flicks and all, but seriously, what the hell is on that flatbed? i've been trying to figure it out for the last ten minutes...
  9. binaryheresy


    to the question above: cie5
  10. binaryheresy

    120zisacting wierd! here's some fr8s

    rasp ak fys!!!!!!!
  11. binaryheresy

    "I had a strizoke in my brizain so I can't move all good."

    scar. like whoa.
  12. binaryheresy

    Mom would be proud...

    now that is a tasty little train post. nothing disappointed me...
  13. binaryheresy

    Frozen Finger

    mazer squared! hit me up man! fuck the nazi swastika bullshit in worm's highlights...
  14. binaryheresy

    Im going to a party later! whoopie

    mine!!! kow, nekst, r2, other, and damn that Jat.... damn.
  15. binaryheresy

    windy city train staul

    nine stories high like what! that savior is pretty dope, too...