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  1. "Only an unsaved idiot would have a hard time seeing how obvious it is that Star Trek's, Klingons, are actually Arabs in disguise." "One student remarked, "Arabs drink wine made from blood, and they are always talking about killing people, and how much they hate everyone else, and how glorious it would be to die in battle. Saddam Hussein does the same thing, only he doesn't have a funny shaped forehead." "Another student argued, "Arabs won't ever change, not even a million years from now. They will always be uncivilized. They eat platters full of live snakes, for crying out loud! Yuck!" "Clothing is perhaps the most important thing about being a Christian. If one is not properly clothed and fully representative of what God would want them to appear like.. well then, that person is probably not saved....Anyone who does not conform to the dress code at Landover Baptist will be fined no less than $300.00 a violation." pure gold...
  2. so my friend I'ms me tonight and says her friend just asked her if twins have bellybuttons. so she tells her to ask me so i can mess with her, so she asks me...and heres the conversation: stupid ho oner: do twins have bellybuttons? Oprah Winfrey: im not sure...i dont think so Oprah Winfrey: because they come out at once Oprah Winfrey: wait, i think they have like a half of one...like smaller, because they both share the same tube ya know stupid ho oner: THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING! HookerDragon : yea... stupid ho oner : no, they seriously dont stupid ho oner : janaya just told me Oprah Winfrey: liek none? at all? stupid ho oner: like a dent Oprah Winfrey: fuck...a dent? Oprah Winfrey: why is it a dent? stupid ho oner: I DON'T KNOW!!! Oprah Winfrey: how does she know they have a dent? stupid ho oner: BECAUSE JANAYA'S BOYFRIEND IS A TWIN Oprah Winfrey: oh my stars! Oprah Winfrey: so dude has a dent? stupid ho oner: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid ho oner: HAHAHHAHAH Oprah Winfrey: !*!*!*!*!**!*!!!*!* Oprah Winfrey: holy smokes stupid ho oner: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! Oprah Winfrey: maybe his mom smoked drugs! stupid ho oner: hahaha Oprah Winfrey: maybe she was a methed out hooker or something? stupid ho oner:ask janaya stupid ho oner: do it stupid ho oner: maybe! HookerDragon: no HookerDragon: janaya hates me because i told her she looked like maury povich. stupid ho oner: WHOS THAT stupid ho oner: JUST ASK HER ITS FUNNY Oprah Winfrey: its funny because her boyfriend has a dent!!!! Oprah Winfrey: right? stupid ho oner: yes Oprah Winfrey: man what a fucker do kids still go to school?
  3. i just say totally wacked out shit on purpose just to see what they'll do, they usually call me wierd and look at me funny but they still want to do the deed...
  4. you wont get charged if you throw it in the bushes...
  5. i'm surprised noones asked you to post pictures yet..strange
  6. i tried that website once...it didn't do shit for me really because you can't put in any type of location search or coordinates
  7. so...you jocked someone first? if you jocked some shit first you cant do shit about it, you fagbot
  8. AeRoSoL JuNkiE


    wow...that guy was being such an ignorant asshole, he kept cutting him off and wouldnt even listen. im going to hate that guy now...
  9. sigh is putting in some serious work...
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