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  1. Whoa1

    "good old days" computer stories thread

    I remember when aol was cool.... theend, punters, gol, nek, island55, magenta, havok, fate, int, pr puntpunt , invokes, kw green, cris, opsec, clhq, rainman, profile punts, pinterz, phishing, 1imz, scroll, vb, zeraw, zelifcam, ChocolateX, intf, deadend, crossroads, punters... Now it's total crap.
  2. Whoa1

    Phone again .oOoo.

    The first link worked, the second one said your account has expired.
  3. Haha, Good stuff esp. the last ones.
  4. Whoa1

    prank cone phall

    I still see nothing but two x's and a shit link.
  5. Whoa1

    is canada even a real country

  6. Whoa1


    The fuck?
  7. Whoa1

    a 12 oz prophet classic

  8. Whoa1

    who wants to trade????

    Good shit.
  9. Whoa1


  10. Whoa1

    the midnight special

    Nice post.
  11. Whoa1

    fun jobs

  12. Whoa1

    some gangsta shit

    Westsiiiiiiiiiide! http://www.ammsa.com/windspeaker/windimages/June98-K.Ward-Graffiti.jpg'> "Act like ya know".