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Mental Hospital trip #2: WESTVILLE WHAT! (photos)

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This time team adventure consisted of the following:



Con Two


and good friend Rich.



I would like to start off by saying, We made friends, lots of them, only some were dead, this one was fine until we freaked it out.


yeah, they chillin



Wow, a pile of pigeon shit. Yes, the entire room was like that.


We found fun posters. ROTTI EXPRESS FOR THE 2K2!


Oh, how cute. Sums up every dirty person at 12oz.

There was a poster of AC Slater holding a gun and I truely regret not taking a picture of it.

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Mang: ac slater was holding a gun?


Mang: hahah. he doesnt need a gun. he's RIPPED, preppie!

Mang: i would say "someone get him a bandaid cause he's ripped"


Looks as if someone set the door on fire, some crazy shit.


Oh yeah!


the devil likes profanity.

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oh, I'm sorry, I was using them for sniffing reasonings...


Where would you like to go today? Sorry about the nice green going on, it was almost black in there, rocking the night shot.


try and tell me that isn't cool and I'll so stab you.


Yeah, it's a slipknot...

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Oh I'm sorry, did you say creepy hall ways? That's not my department.



it's only funny because he looks so confused.


Now this, this is something, this is making fun of whoever spray painted all over the inside of the building "Westville What!"



Rage showed me some of his pictures and they redefine the phrase "Totally awesome" can't wait till he posts them.

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We got files! I have the following waiting to be scanned: Absestos, bomb threats, Psychiatric Screenings, and Accident Forms.


While looking through file Rage found a nice surprise!


That is all for now, I still have a good 60 pictures to upload but that's not tonight's adventure. But I will leave you with one more picture:


Con Two found a box of Maxi Pads...


Expect a shitload tomorrow...

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I would just like to say that im really sorry you guys live on the east cost where there are so many people that a spot like that is all blown up. You know tons of kids go in there, its got dumb graff... It kinda ruins the whole thing knowing that its been visited by many other people just like you before. Anyways, good pics. I enjoyed the thread.

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Guest willy.wonka

what was the suprize that RAGE found in the files?

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Oh wait... that white thing... :lol:



der me


It was 10 year old TP. I had to wipe my ass. :D

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