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  1. I think it would be better if it was another sport. Like a football player breaking his neck and then tackling motherfuckers or catching passes as he leaves the field...or a hockey player shootin' slapshots....something badass like that. But, it's just cheerleading so shes just a crazy bitch. :haha: :haha:
  2. my GC8...soon to be turbo via swap...building an ej22t this summer due to my poorness
  3. mines tomorow night...ill post up ;)
  4. dam R.I.P. i love that shit he does about pringles "pringles was supposed to be a tennis ball company. they got potatoes instead and pringles is a laid back company, they said fuck it cut em up!"
  5. i saw a fight similar to that up close...first punch from this black belt onto this "gangster"...4 teeth flying and blood splatter...next 4 punches straight to the temples...game set match...all because of some scuffed nikes :haha:
  6. well, then just come to my place and do an interpretive dance for me Quoted post [/b] you got yourself a god damn deal
  7. i'll see what i can do...i dont have video or tape but i can prolly find something
  8. Hes in philly tomorow night with cheif kamachi i think...should be hot
  9. Kweli - The Blast...dont know why
  10. Shiaaat is that Bron Bron gettin dropped?...Wade is the truth though
  11. Yes to the Milian pics in thurrrrrrrrr :king:
  12. L*S*D

    How often

    once every couple months....Last one was Saw...pretty wild head fucker wither
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