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  1. not sure if you've ever been to the spot seeking, but it is one of the nicest places to paint. a horribly beautiful surrounding.
  2. i stopped by there about 5 months ago, and noticed you and him peaking out from under the scribble that is now over you two.
  3. hey hesh... how long ago was it that you and kema painted BK bridge? just wondering.
  4. if you base who you listen to by who the band tours with, rather than if you like their music, that is sad.... grow up.
  5. i am so not hip hop... not like i'm part of this conversation..but yeah.. sorry
  6. Angry since birth. Postcard status my friend. Great job!
  7. $35 to see Sick Of It All... i don't know, man. I will try and make it to the CB's show though, especially if Ensign is playing. http://revhq.com/images/covers/144/ind25.gif'>
  8. ...gnol os neeb s'tI 1) Fastbreak - At Times 2) Follow Through - You Booze You Lose 3) Breaking Point - Demo 4) Follow Through - It's Coming Around 5) Follow Through - Not This Time Bonus.. Fastbreak - Where It Lies It's been so long...
  9. stop lying to the kid.. first sketch, background is alright. characters are decent at best and letters are horrible. the rest of what you posted is horrible as well. i am not saying that to be mean, it's the truth. learn basic letters first, then try this....stuff.
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