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    Car Chase Scenes

    yeah i dont get how actors do an all nude sex scene and not try to at least try to get the tip in,its called method acting,son
  2. my little brother thinks hes alive i think hes dead my mom wishes his music died too and my irish grand mother thinks hes a niggeh
  3. i have thought this over carefully,and have invested many hours into this and what i have come up with is oakland-3 iggles-765
  4. not ha ha funny though,more like why is music so bad with a tearful grimace of agony funny,right?
  5. this is the biggest travesty ive ever seen,the raping and pillaging of 2 classic bronx hip hop beats{some shit you just dont cover,akin to if soul cracker justin timberlake covered whats goin on by marvingaye}styles and jadakiss sound decent over the south bronx beat,but id rather they didnt,and afleck is in the video rubbing her butt making guys and girls alike jealous of how utterly cool they are,fuck you,go crash a private jet into the florida everglades on the way from miami back to the block,blaaaeeeegggh
  6. eminem blows cage out of the water in skills,but chorus's suck,and i dont care about his family,he approached his fame wrong and instead of songs like cleaning out my closet,which is plain terrible,he should do more like,square dance,purple pills,and the one about mushrooms,he is naturally funny,and it works,however he is boring as hell when hes serious,skills or not,thats why big pun was better,always hilarious,and clever,he only used what worked for him cage has beats,and 1 clever line per corny one,he has some funny shit going on,but he says a bunch of shit that is just plain corny,not as
  7. point made,but can we just kill smilez and southstar,i mean seriously
  8. ..should only apply to smilez and southstar,fabolous,the ying yang twins,jennifer lopez,and jimmy fallon,i mean we'll lose,but america will be a better place{shoots gun with champaigne party popper effect}
  9. "Santa Claus vs. the Niggers,Pollocks,and the Shanty Irish"
  10. it doesent really phase me anymore ive watched it so much today with my mom and 2 of my boys,{back,and to the left}im almost 100% sure its real cause its too close and clear to be fake,and the guy just sticks it in the side of his throat and saws out through while the guy at first yells a little bit,then he makes a face that i guess is pretty much a face only a guy in his situation would make.pretty gruesome and fascinating at the same time.i was just about to sign up for the russian soldiers,too p.s who would be doing that to him?it looks recent,an afghani? or is he not russian,and not
  11. thats my mom doing that to the russian soldier,so i would not feel bad,just honored,every good soldiers gotta go oh,yeah 3-27-01 on c.j archive {down button on video page}
  12. i thought toy story 2 was funny and enjoyable:)
  13. i went to consumption junction.com and went into videos page down till you get to like april? 2001 the heading says "worst death ive ever seen" thats the best i can do
  14. anyone ever see the unknown russian soldier video where they have a boot on the guys head and they stick a knife in his throat???TERRIBLE!!!!!the worst thing i have ever seen and i am usually pretty good with that type of shit,oh fuck!blaaggggghghhghg!!!!!!!
  15. army suits with matching hats-high school 94-95{bring back the army suits] 3xl polo and nautica shirts and black winter headbands,guess jeans starter zip pullovers{mine was a blue clippers jawn,it was on sale} the goggles on the hat was hot for exactly a week and a half,seriously,some kid came into school and we were like 'you got the hot topic jawns vision street wear my sister had a white tshirt that said "cool" in huge black letters dont tell me your punk skater ass didnt have a fresh jive shirt in 7th grade now i got bobo's and a frontmullet
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