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i rarely ever say anything on this forum, but that LOME piece on the other page is a perfect reason for me to say something...and it is the saddest twine bite i have ever seen. god damn, the fact your shit is so ugly/terrible and your trying to rip on Sofe and Dusk is just straight noob...i think your new years resolution should be to stay off of 12oz

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all new writers should only do tags and throws and straight letters...like on some STRAIGHT...not crooked letters...and stick to black and whites or 2 colors...shit is ridiculous..

heads are trying to do pieces and they cant even do a tag...

haha warterror took the words right out of my mouth...

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i dont think its a wack ass attemp compared to most things thats been posted here latley,im just tryin to get pointed in the right direction like i tryed listenin before with straighter letters so i did,i know its baltimore and its not one of the easyest citys to come up but at lest im not goin around acting like this who thing is a game,i her what ur tryin to say soaker

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