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  1. iome? who's that?......I don't know any iomes. keep my name off this forum and out of your mouth clown. I quit posting awhile ago because the drama here is some highschool myspace bullshit. let it go no one cares about you. grow up. please continue with the pictures! bump GBA vose mybad and random. I see new shit jumpin off everywhere.
  2. dymes. go refill that gold throw by pulaski. those cinder blocks ate your paint up bro.
  3. anyone have fliks of krisp rollers? theres one off 83 and another one down town next to n apes roller...someone post that shit.
  4. whos this "aroma" " i'v seen some new throws and some hands? a new writer perhaps?
  5. bonk has hella hands on freights.
  6. daaaaaaaamn bump that kaeos / fat chicks rock roof top out 695 that shit made me almost go off the road... hahah kaeos with them huge letters!
  7. hollar...wait till that weathur breaks. =D crush 08''
  8. i rack most of my ink and shit. but i have no idea how you cats rack paint cans...hahah you master theives got me on that shit...
  9. taggin is a waste of ink/paint in most sections of town now. that city cleaner crew will clean every tag you put up the same night.
  10. Bump Arab yo's got some nice straight letters visable from 695
  11. anyone got a flik of the vose in the first tunnel where those twines are?
  12. ...this is a good page...
  13. stop flattering yourself...hahah bump sky i saw n ERO today while i was makin a run VA. it was a huge black n white peice pretty sure it was legit. somewhere along 495... if anyone has pics of that let me hollar.
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