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  1. nosewax your cool but look at this page look at the black and red fill look at the kaos pieces... there is no denying those brners... do a piece and then come back to the internet .......
  2. i dont mean to keep kickin a dead horse but LOF for the most part is mega whack
  3. lyne vose ways thats my favorite ride to date derk wake ryke con jazi rome sake and dame
  4. pose you messed up the streak that was going come on guy
  5. that wall is slick as shit VOSE!
  6. this thread is always sick... bump that curve nsf next to the screw!
  7. speaking of mybad... yo colorfulterrorism whats up pm me ur email adress
  8. some questions are better unanswered:confused: :lol:
  9. a lot of dope shit on the last couple pages :) :eek:
  10. i like that DAVE piece that says somethin like FUCK YOU NON BOMBIN COUNTY TOY BOYS
  11. isnt that ontop of a kaeos roller
  12. that sofe throw up is under the influence but its still better than iome's best
  13. someone needs to burn it
  14. bump the pictures within the last few pages
  15. ps i thought this forum was shut down(like10 times)((which it should be))
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