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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLptd7-znpw popped a molly im sweatin wooo!
  2. Nepal got the crown in my opinion currently Exakto got it all time though..even people from outside of here recognize
  3. Stop worrying about me and start minding the things you say..
  4. haha why you getting hyped over what I'm doing? aint no thing..do you
  5. Am I mistaken or is there not a tonz tag literally next to that? I know of other little things that are still living if you've got good eyes and know where you're looking
  6. less misinformation and more pictures of graffiti
  7. and as far as running theres most certainly other things
  8. you're a fucking retard. there was a rezist and germs (rip) that was running in that same exact spot for nearly a decade before that. dont get all hyped
  9. who listens to rappers to have knowledge kicked at them? Fuck outta here with that corny shit
  10. It's pronounced like Cutty. Kut-He
  11. This place is a one stop comedy shop
  12. Cassidy


    There's a Guaze from CT and that's not the same Ever
  13. Cassidy


    Light rail won. That mask hand
  14. Dropping names and talking about how you're gonna go over people who "capped" something you did 10 years ago in a city you haven't even been in for a decade and making comments solely based off what you've gathered from the internet is not a good look. You can only be like one of 3 people and I highly doubt you're Spok..so check yourself before you "come back out" under the idea that its still 03 cause it ain't
  15. I can't believe I live in a world where this is a reality
  16. Pretty sure that's not DC
  17. Stake and react plus that rei21 is bangin
  18. Cassidy


    That's an awesome shot
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