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whos that below caspa?



WTF? dude, you cant even read a simple throw? WHY THE FUCK are you even on this forum commenting and posting shit? go home practice, get some sketch books, school ya self on style and history. that throw is a basic throw! shut the fuck about things you dont understand. you shouild be solid with the throws by now and doin em easily but you cant even read a basic one...sofistacator shouldnt even of told you that shit...your probably on some 21 jump street shit...wtf is going on

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WHAT?!? your a dumb ass fo real that DUSK is stright up a good throw...but you wouldnt know that cause your a toy...and that SOFE is a basic decent throw as well...both good. the shit YOU do is garbage...but you dont understand why...just do yourself and everyone else a favor and dig your nose in some paper and practice...and shut the fuck up

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