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  1. Acta


    carve crosses into your chest
  2. Acta


    Anybody got the Ceda Dume in NY?
  3. Datsik is sweet live, as is Major Lazer. Seeing Rusko, Excision, Borgore, Trolley Snatcha, Trouble and Bass, Pretty Lights (Not really a fan), Disco Biscuits, Lotus, Hot Pink Delorean, Craze and Klever and a shitload of others at Starscape in Baltimore on Saturday. They have an entire stage for dubstep all night. Borgore, then Trouble and Bass, then Excision, then Rusko. Gonna be fucking off the hook. Getting my Camp Bisco ticket asap as well.
  4. Acta


    Haha I saw Infected Mushroom, weird ass scene. Bunch of 90's techno (I hesitate to say) ravers, with huge jean bell bottoms, hella glowsticks and girlfriends with weird names. If not anything else, you can find a shit load of drugs at them ha. You can't really appreciate most of it without being at a show though.
  5. Rusko's a good live show also, saw him with Major Lazer. Better hope he doesn't play his new stuff haha.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZsE1hljbxA&feature=related Seriously, do not miss out on one of his shows.
  7. Bassnectar is literally the craziest show I've been to. Saw him in Baltimore. Had people who had never ever heard him losing it. When he dropped Flux Pavillion's Got To Know, I thought the place was going to explode. Seeing hin again at Bisco, should be crazy. Don't miss a show by him.
  8. Seeing Doorly in a week. Anyone going to Starscape?
  9. Acta


    Soviet, adec, scum
  10. Was in Philly last night for the RJD2 show at The Church. Crazy show and venue. Got to say, Philly is a nice ass city; good people, awesome food, nice feeling to the whole place. Only complaint is the influx of hipsters and liquor stores closing at 9.
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