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  1. I guess valerie got too much bitch in him to say that shit under his own screenname. Just a scared lil' dopehead.
  2. It's pretty obvious that its just val under another screen name. When people create new ones just to diss you know they are scared.
  3. Please tell us more since you been doing this for so long and know so much. That mouth of yours is doing nothing but digging a hole...
  4. Stop trying to cop pleas little boy I been in this. You need to worry about whats coming next...
  5. This is why I get heated over these toys... atk going over Kar, Jazi and Seth I think you toys are done...
  6. Joce Hear Gost Cise ( ill straight ) and that BA prod. Wild jr.--seriously? dude should be riding horses at pimlico.
  7. What happens when toys run their yap?
  8. Please go ahead with this. I wanna see what you think real beef is...
  9. Me too. Make that 10,000 krona though
  10. Keep talking shithead...lets see were it gets you.
  11. Later with the ill piece and Eli and Supa with the ill costumes!
  12. R.I.P. Jays---I really liked this kid alot. Used to come by and chill with me when I lived in dg. Real sad loss for dg and Montreal. I know he woulda still been in the game twenty years from now and thats what makes it even more sad. I would have liked to have seen his style progress.
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