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  1. even if tags get buffed fast some people will see it. and plus if you rack your shit getting ink and paint aint a problem
  2. if your talking about that Daks, it was with a gold cap and it was a up fade.
  3. crown from philly is from baltimore...
  4. your a fucking bitch dude. quit now
  5. stolen from the old baltimore thread.
  6. Lets try to keep this thread alive Keep the beef out of this thread just post flicks more to come later today
  7. 20 dollars 2 cans of paint lots of markers
  8. This one time i hit a tag on a stop sign and this old black dude said "why dont you do that in your own neighborhood" and i was like " i do ,do this in my own neighborhood" and then he said" im calling the police" then this one time these mormons came out of no where and said your not getting away this time. and they chased me and my friend in there car and they caught up to us and started preaching us mormon bible. then my friend said im jewish and he said "everybody needs jesus"
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