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Low Budget Film Making - Arrested.

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Guest imported_sofarok

before film school retarded my love of film making I was always out and about with camera etc, I had many scrapes with the law but here (the UK) you don’t need permits to shoot…when I was at uni doing my degree in film and new media I was working on some gay project which was supposed to be a self portrait piece, I had very little idea what to do so set up ‘note booking’ my life with a mini dv camera, hoping I would get enough usable footage to create something in the edit….so while visit friends back home for a few days I took the cam on a painting mission, now this was a chill spot, never had and police problems or anything, but of course after mapping out british transport police turned up and arrested us…that’s about it for that story…sorry not amazingly interesting I know….

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Got a script, got a DP, working on the money end


I wrote a script about parenting, using my background both as a trainhopper and as a psych nurse. I got an old high-school buddy who worked in 41 feature films as a stunt man. He agreed to help me shoot it. He's heavily into DV. He was in the Bandidos for 17 years, and has hours of motorcycle drag-racing footage on tape. If you've ever seen the movie "Stone Cold," my buddy did the motorcycle-helicopter-jump stunt. It's the most expensive motorcycle stunt ever put on film. If you watch closely you can see him jump for the air bag down below the hovering helicopter.


He's also partially deaf from a exploding car stunt that sort of went wrong. The explosives guy blew up the car they were in, as well as the thing they were crashing into. It was actually a big bin full of empty beer cans--the end of a car chase/gun battle that wound up in a recycling place. The guy was supposed to blow up the bin full of beer cans just as their car crashed into it and out the other side. The explosives guy thought it would "look cooler" if the back end of the car blew up too, as they went through the bin full of beer cans. Unfortunately, he sort of forgot to tell the stunt men he was going to blow up their car, and he used way too much explosives, which blew the car to smithereens and deafened both the stunt men--one of which was my buddy. Magic said "That was about as close to getting killed as I want to come. The car was like shredded. I couldn't hear a fucking thing for about a month."


We're trying to get enough backing to make a short--maybe ten, fifteen minutes--so we can shop the idea around. Man, wouldn't I love to make this movie.

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