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  1. The threat has always been there A convenient excuse to fuel the fire.
  2. Completely, intimately, and thoroughly, none of us really know dick about any of this war shit beyond the limited range of knowledge we've been exposed to. Every scholar, military expert, liberal activist, right-wing gun-pusher, peacenik, politician, social critic, news anchor, author, ignorant redneck, false prophet, used-car salesman or whoever else the fuck we're becoming influenced by at any given point in time will inevitably kick us down some bullshit that'll fuck with our heads and make us believe in the gospel of holy conviction they'd have us worship, whether it's right or not. The only thing that's really real is the truth, and in this screwball fucking time we're given a broken plastic fork to dig up a "truth" buried 12,000 feet beneath the wreckage of colliding interests. Even our gut feelings are being fucked with. Personally, I think this Iraq-invasion shit can eat a dick for one reason: the genuine possibility of being globally ass-fucked by a nuclear war. To me that's serious shit, and that's the only thing I can see through the thick haze of political and ethical crack-smoke the GW team is blowing in everyone's faces right now, including all the crazy motherfuckers sitting on enough uranium and plutonium to provoke the U.S. into a full-scale thermonuclear fuck-fest of annihilation and chaos. We weren't even at war when those maniac plane-jackers rearranged this entire fucking country. Imagine how fucked up shit could get in the next few years, now that the arab world is finally UNITING against us, and that monkey motherfucker is sitting in the White House floating his shaky little pinky finger over the "red button." My opinion on the war, for whatever it's worth: against it.
  3. No its not a joke, and yes I am a hypocrite. In fact, I take back this entire post. Fuck all of you. I'll kick all of your asses and put in a request for seconds. Then I'll kick my own ass to prove I'm not selective. Who wants it?
  4. I'd cry over etch because its dangerous. People can touch that shit and get hurt. I aint in graffiti to hurt motherfuckers. Rack away though...
  5. Then I'll figure out your name, press charges, and count the dividends while you enjoy the ass-pounding from your new cellmate. Sucker.
  6. Dude I will stress this one - more - time in the interest of stopping you from wasting your breath: I AM NOT INTERESTED IN FUCKING WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S GRAF. THIS THREAD IS ABOUT THE STUPIDITY OF STARTING FIGHTS OVER GRAFFITI, NOT HOW TO AVOID BEEF. Who said I did? This is Third Rail: graffiti-related topics. Another thing I notice is people mentioning the old-school a lot in the effort of modeling modern times after those. Who's to say the old-school guys were making the right decisions? They lived that way cause that's how shit was, it doesn't make it right, it just makes it reality. I'm not judging the "old ways," they were here before me and will probably be recycled for years to come, I'm just questioning the mentality. People used to trade slaves and think the earth was flat too.
  7. Most of his letter forms don't seem bitten but his style of painting them looks like Ewok and Nace. The epiphany? -- so the fuck what. People who do a healthy amount of clean frieghts, bomb spots and paint nice blockbusters illegally on highways receive props for their effort, Celf is no exception.
  8. More shit about the subject Graff and the rest of the world aint really gonna change. People are gonna fight regardless. But hopefully some people can move a step ahead of the masses and leave some of the completely fucking dumb shit behind. If any of you quick-to-jump-in-and-start-a-fight types ever get beaten to the point you can't just recover and go about your life then maybe you'll understand what I'm saying. You think shit is fun and games until you turn fucking blind in one eye, screw up a nerve or accidentally kill someone, then it's real life and no fucking joke anymore ... and you've turned into a sucker. Try living with a broken back ... or a REAL jail sentence over some dumb shit.
  9. Glass Etch - Hahah, you've got issues. I've never seen someone get so worked up over some message board shit. I'm not siding with anyone, just pointing something out that I've rarely heard anyone even talk about in all the years I've written. Wow, you've scared me to THE CORE and forced me to reevaluate my stance on violence ... things will never be the same in my life. This is a pivotal turning point, really. And I'll have to remind myself not to visit your hardcore neck of the woods for fear of having my "ass tagged." ....? I think you might be exactly the type of neanderthal I was talking about. at least 16vandals made sense with his argument and made me think further about it. Your rebuttal packs about as much weight as a dehydrated asian crackwhore. Hit the books harder sonny.
  10. 16- Dissing another writer, in my kind of confusing mind, shouldn't be taken as an invitation for fighting. It's something that graf writers do to stimulate competition among each other. Like I said before, it's not something I try and get involved in, but I see it as actually being positive and progressive. It encourages writers to outdo each other, which is a good thing. I remember JA talking about the fun he had when he was battling Cope in that Cope video -- that's exactly what I'm talking about. There's really no need to take it any further than the graffiti, and the graffiti is what counts. I'm not gonna give anybody respect for beating the fuck out of someone, but if they rock a city to the fullest, kill a thousand trains with dope pieces or come out on top in a REAL battle they get massive respect. I personally think that's how it should be, even though it isn't and probably never will be. I'm glad you feel the same way as me about STARTING fights, because that's just what I've been getting at.
  11. I guess describing a ghetto area that's been hit hard with decline as "fucked up" will aggrevate some people's sensibilities, so I apologize if I did that. What I mean by "fucked up" relates to economic opportunity, communal infrastructure, depression, etc... Yeah, bad choice of words I guess. No one ever accused me of being elegant. My point is still simply that starting fights over graff is pretty stupid.
  12. "Anyone who is willing to fight over what they live?" I never said that. This putting words in my mouth thing is getting out of hand. I'm talking about graf and graf ONLY. If you're fighting for world peace or defending innocent people against attack or some shit like that then, by all means, fight your fucking ass off. No. But you've built a nice little scenario in your head, you should take up playwrighting with that imagination. What the hell? You sound like someone who just dislikes graf. From my experience, doing a piece or catching a simple on a wall in a dirty ass, grimey ghetto only makes it look better. This is an argument for an anti-graf topic or something... Well good for you. Have a fun time beating my ass to a pulp when the kibbles and bits have settled. The only way I'm doing a throwup over a 35-foot burner is if it's a swastika. Forget playwright, you should move to Hong Kong and make kung-fu movies. Wow, you've really impressed me with this "harsh life lesson." I hope you've gotten the most out of your self-indulgent festival of things-you-would-do-to-prove-you're-old-school-and-will-not-stand-for-any-disrespecting-know-it-alls. It's been entertaining. Have a great day!
  13. Yes it is most people's stance, but this thread wasn't directed at "most people," it was directed at the few who are acting like cavemen and beating their hairy chests to the tune of graf beef. And yes I will fight over graf if I have to -- "have to" being an instance where I can either take a fucking beating or I can defend myself. "I would rather not fight over graf but I will" might actually have been a better title for this thread, but it would be leaving out the part about how I think the fighting is stupid, which is what I've been trying to convey. Let's put it this way; I think a lot of taxes I pay are stupid, but I pay them anyway because I have to. In that other post where I mentioned the fight club shit I was clowning around, of course I'd defend myself. I also said that dissing and going over each other and shit like that is a part of graf that I think makes it interesting. Fighting about it, on the other hand, is taking it a step too far, and since most overly-macho-aggressive-tough-guy writers associate dissing with physical violence, I typically make the choice not to go over people, but I will if it comes down to someone singling me or a friend of mine out for no real reason. Still doesn't mean I wanna fight, but it goes along the lines of defending myself. Hopefully you see my overly-complex point. I'm not trying to be a dick or dispute what you're saying for the sheer sake of argument, this is just how I feel about the subject.
  14. Sorry for striking a nerve about what happened to Tie, but I could think of no better circumstance than what happened to him to hammer home my point about what you said. No offense meant by it, Tie is a legend who was pointlessly killed ... just like a lot of writers get into pointlessly violent beef that goes nowhere. My question to you is do you think either of these things are right? If you think the guy that shot Tie was in the right for defending his property then by the same token you're defending writers who start shit with other writers for dissing them. Both are "protecting their property," as you put it. I didn't write that anyone "deserves to be dissed," I just wrote that it's fairly hypocritical for a writer to instantly EXPECT his/her shit to be respected. Personally, when I do a spot or a piece or whatever I immediately adopt the mentality that this shit is not exclusive to me -- it's temporary and the longer it runs the better -- but it's temporary nonetheless, so as long as I get my flik it doesn't bother me when shit I do gets dissed, buffed, gone over, etc... Its just a fact of writing. "Rules of the game" may state that I should react differently but I think a lot of the rules are fucking stupid, and tradition is the enemy of progress.
  15. Just to set the record straight on this thread, let me sum up my views: All I wanted to do with this discussion was point out how stupid fighting over graffiti is. There's a certain level of hypocrisy associated with disrespecting something and then expecting your "disrespect" to be respected. I understand why people fight and get pissed off, but I still think it's stupid. I personally made the decision to not let my emotions turn me into a jock when it comes to graf along time ago. Jocks get pissed and beat each other up, writers beat up the system. Also, just because someone chooses to get kinda ill and fight people over some graf shit doesn't mean they can't paint or shouldn't get the respect they've earned after putting in a bunch of hardcore work (i.e. kerse from that other thread in the bench). Fighting over graf is fucking stupid but some knuckleheads are just dope regardless, I'm nobody to hold it against them. Doesn't mean I agree with the fighting shit, but the way I see it that's a seperate issue. 16vandals said I shouldn't write if I think I can go over people and not get beat. I must be making myself seem like a fucking hippy. I don't go over anyone elses stuff unless there's a legitimate reason, so that matter isn't too important to me, but if somebody did approach me on some beef shit because I dissed them or whatever, I sure as hell AM NOT gonna try and lecture them on my anal and complex views about non-violence, I'm sure they could fucking care less. The only thing I'm gonna do in that situation is defend myself from bodily harm, which probably means fighting. Whatever. I guess that's it.
  16. The guy who killed Tie was only "protecting his property," do you think what he did was OK? The "kick your ass" comment was sarcastic.
  17. You call me a moron again and I'll kick your fucking ass.
  18. You should try raping yourself, those other worries will seem less important once you've been violated.
  19. Get him a blow up doll, a case of heineken, dvd porn, and an acupuncture kit from Thailand. He'll think you're hot.
  20. An internet conversation between me and "Joe" (names have been changed to protect the guilty): Joe: i have a bon jovi cd Me: which one? Joe: the one with living on a prayer Me: haha .. "take my hand, we'll make it i swear" Me: the best part of that song is the computerized "whoa whoa whoa's" Joe: if i ever went to prison id just act so crazy that nobody would mess with me Joe: smear my poop all over myself Me: haha yeah ... establish yourself as "unclean" Joe: get some chocolate pudding during lunch and act like its my own shit and start eating it Joe: "cause if youve got shit aint nobody gonna fuck with you" Me: haha, or just use actual shit ... wait... Joe: hmm Joe: i downloaded this video off of morpheus and its a bunch of girls eating each others shit straight out of an ass Me: ugghh god Me: hey, you could spraypaint yourself grabber green and see if any locked up writers jock your fill Joe: hahah Me: shit eating is just so 5 minutes ago Joe: i know..back in 8th grade i was eating piles, but now Me: haha Joe: im going to go to ***** Me: oh for real ... whats the occasion? Joe: i talk to a couple writers there and trade fliks Me: oh ok ... cool scene over there? Joe: yeah Me: you should go there and write really tiny Me: make that your gimmick ... pieces with fine lined paintbrushes up in the top right corner of the backside of trains Joe: im going to say to ***** after he paints a piece next to me "*****, buddy..you’re really not grasping this whole graff thing are you..but youre making me look better, ill give you that" Me: but tie his shoelaces together so when he comes after you he falls Me: haha then dis his piece Joe: he wears barrettes i heard Me: barrettes were hot in the 80's Me: that guy from uncle buck Joe: uncle buck was such a good movie Me: yeah ... those pancakes were next level Joe: his lunch was a pickle in a bag and milk in a jar..ahahahaah Me: haha Joe: i want to start painting pieces that are so gay that when any writer sees them they have to question their sexuality Me: hahahaHAH Me: pieces to promote homophobia Me: "prohomophobia" ... if you will Joe: haha Me: how about a piece with pink flowers for letters and hearts in the fill Joe: writers are going to look at each other when they see my pieces and say "man..do we like guys?" Me: hahah ... it will be a close, bonding experience Me: or you could play with the conventions of stereotypical gay expectations ... Me: have a rainbow over your piece crashing into a severed head bleeding into a pool of fruit juice Joe: ahahhahah Me: this needs to be a production .. Me: the quote could be something like: "2 snaps up in a circle for these hardcore niggas" Joe: hhahaha Me: "sweatin to the oldies: life within the metaphysical realm of subconscious prohomophobic graffiti" Me: the other day I saw this guy wearing some sort of headgear Joe: i saw a flick of ***** wearing a tye dye beret with matching socks and boxers Joe: i dont need braces but would like to get headgear you know? Me: i give him credit for originality Me: headgear would be tight on a stripper Joe: haha Joe: lets not get gayness and originality confused Me: picture your hair getting caught in the stripper's teeth during a lapdance Joe: picture her vaginal hair getting caught in your teeth during a lapdance Me: hahahah Me: it just gets STUCK Me: "eckshcuse shme ... mish shtrippersh" Me: "shmy teesh are shtuck in your crosh" Joe: "your vagshinal hairsh" Me: hahaha Joe: "shtinky" Me: someone was telling me about a trick his friend plays on girls when he has sex with them ... Me: this guy puts a penny in every girl's pussy after he fucks them ... Joe: why? Me: they take a shower or douche or whatever ... and just "notice a penny" Me: like "hey where'd that come from" Joe: put one of those little pills in there that turns into a 2 foot dinosaur when it gets wet Me: hahaha ... that would be great "america's funniest home videos" material Me: the penny thing seemed crude, obnoxious and borderline disturbing when the notion was first presented to me ... but as time goes on it becomes funnier and funnier Joe: to actually successfully place a penny in there each time without getting caught is worthy of praise Me: yeah, there's something admirable about such a feat Me: you have to wonder what the hell a girl thinks when she pulls a random coin out of her crotch ... ? Joe: yeah..a 2 foot dinosaur growing out of a screaming girls vagina would really get the family laughing Me: i'd throw a twenty up in there ... make things interesting Joe: haha Me: family outings would be comedy Joe: did you go to a strip club on your birthday Me: nah .. i just went to some show and then came home Me: i went to this street festival last weekend that did have a bunch of naked girls in the street Me: should have brought a camera Joe: damn Me: i think ***** (the place where the festival went down) has to contain some of the most ghetto areas of all time Me: i remember little kids dancing around a burning barrel in the street Joe: haha probably jewish kids Me: i think they were athiest Me: their running style wasn't demonstrative of any typical religious ceremony Me: they were on some off-the-top-of-the-dome freestyle-running shit Me: once i saw a police chase there where the cop and the guy getting chased were running at fucking walking speed Me: i just stood there and casually watched them poke by Me: it was a "haiku" experience Joe: hahaaha..what the hell Me: i guess they had been running for a loooong time, and just slowed to a near crawl but they still kept the chase alive Me: they had a small fan club following them ... Joe: did he catch the guy? Me: yeah eventually they both just stopped Me: it was right by the **** ... in those light-colored projects Joe: haha..my friend got a gun pulled on him there and his skateboard taken Me: dude the ghetto kids at that place are fucking ILL Me: one kid -- she was like 8 years old -- was talking about how "marcus ate her coochie good last night" Me: hahahahahaha -- me and these kids i was with just died laughing Joe: hahaha Joe: the little kids are so cool and it sucks theyre probably going to turn out fucking retarded because their parents are idiots Me: they're parents themselves Me: in *****, kids have kids at around 9 or 10 Joe: hahahhaa Me: you're in your prime when your 17
  21. Here's what you do: You grab yourself a hammer, a big iron-handled, industrial one, and you find this new guy she's with at a time when they aren't together. Follow him to somewhere secluded, like a dark parking lot or a wide open park, and wait until you can get the drop on him. At this point, take out the hammer and creep up on him reeeaaall slow-like, so he doesn't know you're there, then tap him on the shoulder, introduce yourself as Fred Jenkins and just start CLUBBING YOURSELF TO DEATH with the hammer. Crack your face open ... pound your toes into the ground ... pull your pants down, lay your dick out on something solid and BASH it into a flat, bloody, dripping-with-battered-genital-flesh pulp. Then pull out a straw and suck all the blood up into your mouth, swishing it around like listerine then spit it out onto your chest while humming "stairway to heaven" and dancing like Tom Jones. He'll think your nuts, you'll be dead or in seriously critical pain, and everything will work out nicely. :love2:
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