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  1. @NightmareOnElmStreetnot to beat a dead horse and I am late to the party. Illustrator for anything based on letter structure. @Joker and @ClownPrince nailed it with the cross platform smart object conversion as well as the how to in illustrator. Sorry I didn't get in here sooner, not that my answer would have been any better or different.
  2. Seemed like a good thing to spend money on since I should be saving all my money for food.
  3. 12oz has been a part of my life off and on since I was probably 12 years old. I saw issues one and two at an older friends house and then got issue 3 on my own. The message board was just an extension of that. The magazine represented a lot of folks from out my way so it felt like I belonged to whatever they were producing. I owed my allegiance to the people who took the time to show me the path in some sense... Thanks Raven.
  4. He's still at it. He had some health issues the past few years that he made public on his IG but I'm fairly certain he's past all that now. He opened a street shop in Providence maybe two years ago now... doing well up until shit hit the fan.
  5. I feel like a lot of people posting memes like that have no idea what that reality would actually look like. The death toll from a total collapse of western society would yield a result a bit higher than 2% or 3% You would have untreated disease, famine/ food shortages/ starvation and rampant violence.
  6. I can see VR having a huge role in our future world. Virtual work spaces, virtual sporting events, virtual music experiences etc etc. You'll never have to leave your cocoon again.
  7. I like this as a feasible explanation of the current state of things. The world government has been a long standing conspiracy theory and this is a pretty effective way to usher it in. I also agree with abrasivesaint that it's a fantastic way to dodge debt. I'm sure we'll see the usual cast of characters as our new ruling party backed by whatever shadow government already exists and is pulling the strings on this.
  8. I've got a grip of different stuff... Just gonna throw some various things in here for people to look at. Definitely digging the perspective on those trees too. Love the way the whole painting moves structurally and with color. Also that light show sign is sick.I'm wondering what type of bulb it was lit with... singular or multiple? the colored shadows are great. Ayeways, enjoy.
  9. The level of cross contamination and inappropriate PPE use is insane. Not to be negative but I feel like a lot of people are beyond help. Common sense aint so common.
  10. Last one is a tribute wall by some of his close friends in Providence.
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