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Steel Schnauzer

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  1. This inauguration look a little fancy for a nigga that owes me $1400.
  2. Laying around bored didn’t go out this whole week first 7 days in almost a year
  3. Another rush hour parking ticket
  4. Big bitches make uggs look like hospital socks. change my mind
  5. Some truth behind this however as of right now it’s a cat and mouse game.
  6. Kinda miss my number one she blocked ya boi.
  7. Big ass bottle of grey goose and hoes came with they own mixers
  8. Just kicked out another girl can’t believe I was good to one girl for so long.
  9. Arroz con gandulees Y una ensalada de papa.
  10. I was born 87 these movies here are way before a niggas time.
  11. Damn son These broads are supposed to be 50-50.
  12. One of My new slides looks like Tina Fey.
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