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  1. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? Hey what's up bro's? This is the reason I found this forum originally, I'm checking to see if someone could help me with a tattoo sketch. I'd like to get my first tattoo. This one is right for me. I'm looking for a TIN turbocharger (yeah, from the play on the misspelling, tin turbo twin turbo) To go on the back of my arm/elbow, probably about 2.5" across. This is an idea- I've never seen the pic I'm looking for exactly, but imagine the facade of a turbocharger that's just made out of parts of tin cans or something. Any help, I would VERY much appreciate it, and I'll show you guys any results.
  2. yes. Here are some Lancia cars: I own a 1977 Scorpion just like that last one! Its in my shed now all stripped down.
  3. hey I'm sorry bro, and at the time I COULDN'T POST MY OWN NEW THREADS YET I'm done chill out it won't let me edit and delete those old posts
  4. come on guys, a lot of people in the past have loved these cars, and they have both been sold and gone around the country. I know I'm new to the forum. I'm quality and I only keep it real.
  5. speaking of my cars? you do realize they were built with a joking mindset not a 'serious' mindset, around a bunch of guys into Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 twin turbo cars. First car was in import tuner magazine, that was shown on top gear in the UK. international coverage. The 2nd car, CRX, I collected over $1,000 from people I'd never met in person from the 3si.org message board, they were begging me to build another! fun one of a kind foolin around projects, and this was early like 2002
  6. I already just posted somewhere, but should be put in this thread I built these cars when I was 16:
  7. utah is a place for snow tagging, but wrong season now
  8. LOL yeah, I have respect
  9. a buddy airbrushed this for me kinda just messing around just a light small t-shirt I'll wear around the house or to bed and I drive my Subaru Brat truck!
  10. sweet, I came in hoping to see clockwork orange, glad it was the 2nd picture posted MEMENTO (with the tattoos, kinda..) Labyrinth yeah I love children of men SLC Punk is part art
  11. ok thats cool, I saved the page and I'm going to order the book on amazon soon!
  12. a LOT of good weed in the U.S. comes from norther California, but good weed comes from everywhere, as well as some good weed coming from mexico, and some mexican brick weed makings its way over.. but yeah, fries at mcdonalds, the DMV is hell, blah bleh... rival vacuum sealer
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