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Everything posted by ReackOne

  1. Fuck yes! n*gga mang is bacc. Still thuggin?
  2. Trane for the win. Come on. Give n*gga some help. Imagine the lulz if TRANE wins
  3. Dear Decy, Stop drinking cheap ASDA wine, the cheap price is not worth the nasty hangover. -Reack
  4. false. TPBM is an OG Ridah n*gga mang
  5. dam n*gga dis n*gga MKUE sure dus get up n*gga. yall n*gga mangs herd Trane Vote MQ
  6. yeeemang. tpbm doesnt feel the Christmas spirit yet.
  7. you can fix Zimbabwe's economy... Fucking whitie
  8. You have more underage girls to piss on than R Kelly
  9. youre too fly for cocaine... so you started shooting up heroin. Thats diacetylmorphine for all you Chemistry ass niggas
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