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Everything posted by Sloer

  1. sorry for the self promo.. had to do it once i saw an extinguisher thread....
  2. that elmo hand is straight awful. Bump TEAD GASM MARM
  3. Rant has no business on this thread. kid if a fuckin detroit king
  4. trust me, you aint got nothing that DSD hasnt already given her
  5. just look for awful hollows, or fill ins with horrible constrasting fill/outline colors.
  6. may or may not be a repost... who cares! its worth studying again kids...
  7. and n old one for my brother REHAB
  8. and heres something for yall cats beggin for LOCAL shit... BUMP my man AARF
  9. No, seriously, he isnt coming to my birthday party anymore... im not trying to be funny. Mentally retarded first graders dont have birthday parties anyway. they dont know its their birthday. im acting like a regular 1st grader if anything.
  10. DSD isnt coming to my birthday party anymore.
  11. and regardless of wht anyone thinks tomorrow morning. i in no way had anything to do with whatever JUE1 did tonight.
  12. BUMP THE FUCKING SHIT OUTTA MY MAN LIL RANT!!!! DOIN SHIT!!! Bump MARM. Bump the hustler GUPS. and a Big BUMP to senor AARF... best yet fam.
  13. it's all about drinking nothing but cold pickle juice and your own urine.
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