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  1. Those DMOTES are the real business. its nice to see something from him besides those thows. King CES is whats up!
  2. that before and after made me laugh. BUMP PAID doin work BUMP CENO for the TOM respects. BUMP JASP for the work ethic of the year award
  3. GOD IS GREAT BEER IS GOOD HAZEL PARK IS HIS HOOD did someone say tender?
  4. No its not Riku... the kid who does them isn't a "writer". Good guy nonetheless.
  5. that Rat Fink is the business!!
  6. EWW that slo is terrible... go flick that spot now ;)
  7. Real nice job on that fill WARD. Dont see anyone else doing anything like that around here. BUMPx1000
  8. I got a B.C. Rich WARLOCK WITH THE WIDOW HEAAAAAAAAAAADSTOCK... cuz its metal as fuck and impractical.
  9. ^LOL ...man when i was in high school i wanted that Geddy Lee signature bass SOOO BAD!
  10. Saw this olddd one the other night... sorry for the shitty flick.
  11. OOOOOOO WEEEEEEE!!! Them BRZMs go super hard. Bump BRZM painting and ScallyWags
  12. someone with a good camera needs to flick these doooooope eyes that are poppin up all over. sorry for the flick i was in a hurry/lazy/stoned anyone else catch these around?
  13. Thanks man, much appreciated. it means alot. a rush of emotions came thru me like a freight train last night when we did that. Shitll never be the same without you homie. kind of thing that makes you want to say fuck everyone and love everyone at the same time. and on that other tip, yes. couldnt agree more.
  14. Rest In Paradise big guy. Nothing will ever be the same.
  15. In no order. 1. Bump Bench,Sarcasm,Ward, and Ghost for the QUALITY flicks. 2. ARMEE kinged this city for eternity. 3. Deth needs to start painting again. 4. Bump everyone who painted this city's past, without y'all Detroit wouldn't be what it is today. You paved the way and inspired cats from here. Some of the most real cats I know paint because of what was around them and what they saw in the city, not looking at msk flicks on the interwebz. 5. There will always be toys. That's how 98% of y'all started. Most of them won't last 5 years, so don't let them catch you gettin all bent out of shape. Brush it off. They probably won't even be painting anything but there patio furniture in the next 2 years.
  17. oh sketch? you mean draw the exact same throw on 47,000 postal stickers? nah, id rather practice my straights
  18. i like those GIANT cenos. i also like Jesus and pages where someones not talking mad shit.
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