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Everything posted by Sloer

  1. hahahahaha! TEAD STORI Alice Cooper face and that old ass cursive RIO handstyle
  2. dont worry LEEZY you aint missing anything. all he does is takes pictures of himself infront of the mirror with his dick tucked.
  3. BUMP AYEM and MELO. Life Partners.
  4. with all these MSk/ AWR names in the D, id REALLY like to see GRIME come here and throw down on some walls and on some tattoo ish. if ya dont know, homeboy is a straight monster.
  5. SMASH AWR GASM NEKST REMIX AGENT that sloe underneath that msk on mlk is fucked. even if he didnt run from the pigs theres still no helping it.
  6. bump detroit for having the hardest thread on 12 oz
  7. yo true story, I mighta posted in the souper sex thread, I gave my ex the clap, twice. awesome. scumbag status. dsd666.
  8. i think it was an OUCH fill-in
  9. yall lil niggas got your back to school swag right? no?
  10. nigga the difference between you and I is you're a dick riding bitch, Id blow your mouth out anywhere anytime. that wall you just posted only takes me 45 seconds to fix. believe that. dsd.
  11. yall niggas talk to much...dsd.
  12. it is really nice to see augors shit in person for once. shit is beyond hard.
  13. ill second the fuck outta the MEH...
  14. I ask myself everytime you post on here talking in my direction, why even respond to the bitch? someone who spends their time lurking in a subculture that he has no real ties to, but wishes he could. never fucking painted. just rode a bunch of dick and took flicks. good job. yo if you got something to say to me why dont you make it easier on me and just meet me at one of your hipster hangouts? dsd.
  15. makin chicken n waffles. yea. im white.
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